Wool Coats: Features And How To Clean Them

In cold seasons, everyone looks for a way in which they can remain warm without jeopardizing their fashion styles. However, how to go about this can sometimes be a challenging experience. Wool coats are helpful in saving you from this ache. They are the one thing you cannot afford to miss in your wardrobes. The best time to purchase them is during a hot or warm season. This is when you can get a very good quality at low prices since demand is low and every store will appreciate one or two sales.

wool coats for women

Unique Features

These are the features that make a wool coats different from other coats. You should take note of these features so that it will be easy for you to identify them because coats don’t have any differences if seen by an untrained eye. Be more tedious and vigilant, since this is the only way that you can protect an investment;

  • Unlike ordinary types of coats, wool coats have furs that add warmth to them. These furs are usually treated to ensure that there will be no allergic reactions to anyone who wears them.
  • They are available as single or double, therefore, providing a wide range for selection.
  • Some of these coats have collars, patches, bigger zips and cufflinks which are not normally found on other types of jackets.
  • These coats have been made with an addition of polyester that makes them very comfortable to wear.

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These coats are available for all genders, shapes and height making them not discriminative. There are mens wool coats, which are found in a wide range of designs such as Ecko, Tommy Hilfiger, King Size Big & Tall and also Dockers men’s wool jackets. Womens wool coats have been designed putting in mind that every woman wants to remain fashionable in all weather conditions. These coats are available in a quarter length and full length. They are available in bold and light colors. Also, plus size wool coats have been designed for plus size people.

Proper Cleaning and Maintaining

It is essential to be careful when cleaning wool coats. Any simple mistake can lead to its wear and tear. Below are procedures to be followed while cleaning a wool coat.

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  • Place your wool coat on a hanger and analyze if it has stains or not.
  • In the case that it has a stain, wet a clean rag and slowly start rubbing the stained place until it is clean.
  • If stains are from juice spills, wet a rag with water and also using lemon to ensure that stain has been removed completely, and there is no smell left.
  • In cases that they have been stained by sauce, use baking powder on rags to ensure that this stain is completely removed.

This process should be done carefully in order to ensure that stains do not spread to other areas of the coat. Maintain and keep these coats cleans as possible. Do not let your fashion be dictated by weather conditions.

neutral color plus size wool coats

Wool coats are accepted as one of the first options when the weather gets cold. They are very trendy and will make any person look fit and well dressed for the occasion. When you feel like you want to try out different looks, you can find a lot of choices in terms of colors and designs for both men and women. This is like the popular cardigans, where you can choose from a neutral colored cardigan to a colorful mustard yellow cardigan. If you don’t have them in your closet, then this is a good time to take a closer look from this highly functional and stylish outfit and you will immediately discover that it is well worth your money after all.