Womens Suits: Keeping it Clean and Formal

Women have often been a subject of “sexual objectification” since time immemorial. However, unlike in previous generations, contemporary mindset has found a way to circumvent from this perspective in various ways. In fiction literature and media, this is best conveyed by casting female characters on male gender roles. To most modern women, this principle is kind of biased and unfair, considering that the gender should not be the basis of an individual’s treatment towards others.

In politics, women take on a more radical approach like promoting feminist ideals. But in all forms of diverting sexual objectification (also best known informally as slut-shaming), the most visceral and effective avenue are found in fashion. Fashion is a very flexible opportunity for self-expression.

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Why Wearing Suits for Women is Beneficial

There is more than one way for a female individual to look good without obvious sexual undertones in her appearance. The most efficient of these styles is womens suits. Do you know the exact and definite reasons behind this? Here are the reasons:

  • Wearing formal does not break any conventional taboo in society. This way, a woman can look good and be taken seriously at the same time. Female lawyers in suits and female military officers in uniform commands respect among ordinary citizens (if not great envy from highly aggressive men). Ladies wearing womens pant suits characterize the rhetorical idea of tough women “wearing the pants”. Womens suits cannot be easily sexually objectified because its style is very “antiseptic”, correlating mostly with austere professions.

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  • When women wear suits, they communicate the conventional wisdom most conventional men can easily understand at first look, that “they are not into that thing”. Most men are easily repelled by a formal – looking lady. A prim young lady who wears womens church suits could effortlessly scare guys with “casual” non-committal intentions. There is nothing sexual about womens suits in the eyes of ordinary guys.
  • It takes an exceptional level of male perversion to be sexually attracted to a woman’s formal attire. But even if some curves are apparent, this type of fashion is good at hiding the primal appeal. For example: women wear tight knee-low office skirts to maximize the contour while hiding the upper legs.

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What You Need to Know

But other than suits, a woman can still look clean and wholesome. Obviously, suits can be both out of place and restrictive at home. Residential wardrobes are often comprised of roomy and comfortable set of clothes. The best way to look less sexually stimulating at home is to wear something prodigious, like wool sweaters and cardigans. Several varieties of a mustard yellow cardigan have that “uninviting” feminine appeal related to the stage persona (for example: Spiritual yoga advisor or gypsy clairvoyant). This type of attire will have a higher chance of “sterilizing” men’s carnal imaginations and it is a safe fashion to wear when visited by strangers such as a plumber, a maintenance man or a vermin exterminator.

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Interestingly, there is a way to appear clean and efficient even when swimming. An alternative for conventional legs-exposing womens bathing suits is a rash guard used by many underwater divers. They look sexy, but not in a way that stimulates the unwholesome idea of sexiness that the worldly men understand.

However, more than what a woman wears, it’s her no-nonsense attitude that will truly make her stand out.  It’s high time to put an end to that weaker sex myth.  With a secure outlook and a great personality, women can show the fine stuff they’re made of whether they’re wearing a suit or not. With great confidence and strong aura, any woman can get away with any kind of outfit, especially in the office or other types of work places.