What To Pair With Cargo Pants

Are you looking for a new look this summer? Are you tired of wearing the same old trends? Fashion trends come and go. With men’s clothing and fashion, cargo pants are here to stay. To be in style with these pants, read further and learn what to pair with cargo pants.

clothing pair for cargo pants

Men’s Dress Code

Men’s clothing and fashion are very consistent. Their clothes are more expensive and they have a certain dress code when it comes to the varying seasons. During summer, the dress code will usually be a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. This dress code can often become repetitive and boring. What will you do to switch up your style? One way to do this is to wear cargo pants.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are also called cargo trousers or combat trousers. They were originally worn by the military but they are now worn by the public. These pants are fitted to be worn for outdoor activities and for people who had to endure the extreme elements. Who would have thought that they would have been made into a fashion statement?

  • Cargo pants are defined as loosely cut pants.
  • They were also originally made out of rugged or hard materials.
  • Cargo pants can be very casual and stylish. You just have to have a good outfit to wear with it.

The variations of the cargo pants are cargo shorts, which are shortened at the knee or can be made with low removable legs, and the skinny cargo pants.

stylish mix and match for cargo pants

What to Pair with Cargo Pants

The options are endless when you are looking for clothing items to pair with cargo pants.

  • T-shirt – A regular t-shirt is the perfect complement to cargo pants. This is a great idea for a person who is looking to have a casual and comfortable outfit.
  • Collared Shirts – Collared shirts are good for cargo pants because the wearer will look more professional while still giving the person wearing such clothes the option to be comfortable.
  • Blouse – For women, blouses are good options since they offer a dressy look and soften the look of cargo pants.
  • Muscle Shirts – Muscles shirts are great with cargo pants because the look good in the warm weather.

If you pay attention to this list, you will be good in deciding what to pair with cargo pants. Cargo pants are great pieces of clothing; you just have to know what clothes to wear with them.