Wearing Skinny Cargo Pants The Right Way

Are you shying away from the normal or conventional sizes of jeans and pants because you have a thin or skinny body? Then a couple of skinny cargo pants should be included in your closet. These pants could help in improving your look and similar to jeans, they are very simple and convenient to wear.

sexy skinny cargo pants for women

What are cargo pants and what are their common features

Cargo pants are multi-purpose pants that allow a person to carry more items because they feature several pockets. These pants are actually inspired by the military pants or uniforms used by paratroopers in the 1940s. Because of their beneficial function, they have been cited and used as worker’s pants. It also became popular with the young generation during the fashion bloom in the 70’s and 80’s. This popularity made several apparel companies like Levi’s to produce their own line of cargo pants.Among the common features of skinny cargo pants for women and men are the following:

  • They feature not less than six pockets. For all the cargo pants you could see on the market, their most noticeable feature is the pockets that won’t go below six in total. There are the two front pockets, another two at the back, plus extra two on the sides. For the skinny pants, these pockets are usually smaller and thinner in size.
  • These pants are made out of thicker or tougher fabric. Because of the tremendous demand for reliability, skinny cargo pants are made out of thicker and more durable fabric. Some are made out of thick cotton and others from a combination of cotton and polyester.
  • There are multiple ways to secure the pants. These pants can be worn and secured in multiple ways from buttons, zippers, elastic waistband, and up to the drawstrings or laces on the pants’ waist and on both leg ends.

different brans of skinny cargo pants

Wearing Tips

The following are tips on how to wear your cargo skinny pants properly.

  • Always remember that all cargo pants are only suitable for a casual getup. Although your skinny pants are very easy and comfortable to wear, you have to bear in mind that these pants are not for that office or corporate look.
  • Ensure to wear a feminine top. Cargo pants are actually created for men. And when they are worn by women, it will create that masculine look or aura. So, you have to ensure that the top or upper garments you are wearing shall be sexy and provide a more feminine look. Female accessories could also help when it comes to this purpose.
  • Choose pant colors that will fit most of your existing tops. You might be tempted to instantly buy the common green skinny cargo pants. But will the green color be perfect complement to the tops you are planning to wear with it? You should consider your existing wardrobe first to avoid over-spending.
  • Be keen on the sizes of the pockets. These pants add up volume or diameter to your skinny figure. But you should consider the pocket sizes and shapes to make your overall shape symmetrical.
  • Wear flats, sandals, wedges or heels. Skinny cargo pants could be paired and would look great with flats, sandals, wedgesor perhaps, heeled shoes.

If you have a thin or skinny figure, you can always look sexy and still feel comfortable with the skinny types of cargo pants.