Trendy Cardigan for Women

The cardigan is a popular piece of clothing that’s a must-have for every woman.  It’s considered a fashion staple because of its versatility.  It can be paired with practically any outfit.  As clothes go, there are different cuts, lengths, and sleeve type which form a whole range of choices when it comes to a cardigan for women. Cardigans can be worn over a tee.  This upgrades such a simple and casual look plus it keep you warm during a crisp day.  Spice it up by leaving the cardigan unbuttoned or go classy conservative with button up.

Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas with a Cardigan

While a cardigan can be ultra versatile, there are still some things to keep in mind to avoid fashion faux pas.  Here are helpful tips to remember so you can still stand out despite it being a wardrobe staple.

comfortable red cardigan for women

  • Use a belt to create the hourglass silhouette with a light knit mustard yellow cardigan.  Some cardigans are shapeless so the belt cinched at the waistline will do a corporate look if paired with a pencil styled skirt. Another corporate look is the cardigan tucked-in into high waist skirt or pants.
  • For rounded and higher neckline cardigans, buttoning up works best with a collared shirt peeking out on top.  This gives you that sought after preppy look.
  • Oversized style cardigan sweaters for women are great when paired with shorts or jeans topped with a T-shirt for that casual but trendy feel.

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  • One other way to stylishly wear a cardigan for women is choosing a no-button draped cardigan.  This is good for showing off multi-layered necklaces with the open front. It also works best with tank tops or tees and skinny jeans.

Selecting A Cardigan

Choosing a cardigan can be tricky.  Insisting on the one you like but does not necessarily fit your body type may cause a fashion disaster so you have to understand your physique well and be comfortable in your own skin.  The best thing is to try out a couple before buying the one that offers the best fit and design.

best cardigan for women reviews

How do you wear a cardigan? This is a rather simple question that needs a straight forward answer. However, for the trained eye, they can exploit every inch of the cardigan and make it unique and personalized apparel for every person. You’d be surprised as to how a humble cardigan can become a fashionable wardrobe staple. For more cardigan selecting tips, read on.

  • Colors are very important when choosing a cardigan.  A red cardigan for women, for example, will spice up a neutral colored inner.  Given its rich color, there’s no need to load up on accessories lest you’d go overboard.
  • Length is another factor that you have to look out for.  With the right pick, you can appear a lot slimmer and taller.  Long cardigan sweaters for women that extend below the hips can draw attention to those curvaceous apple-shaped hips.  Short ones are best for a pear-shaped figure.

blue long cardigan sweaters for women

  • Texture can enhance the body type as cardigans can be light or heavy knitted and affect the whole look.  It may not go well with certain tops or skirts so it’s great to try on different matches before settling for a certain mix.

When you have decided what cardigan to buy, it’s still best to know what your body size and shape is.  Choosing a cardigan for women seems really simple given its popularity, but if you take into consideration the intricacies of a great look and budget, it can be quite a daunting process.  With enough persistence and spot-on understanding of one’s shape, you’re bound to find the best cardigan for you.