Top 10 Styles of Pants

Pants are probably the most popular form of clothing in the world. They are worn by men and women for casual and formal occasions. But what are the top 10 styles of pants?

top 10 styles of pants for the season

1. Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are by far the most popular style of pants in the world. They are perfect for casual wear, work and even some formal occasions. If you are looking for a great all around pant then a standard blue jean is a great choice.

2. Short Pants

More commonly known as shorts, short pants are extremely popular with both men and woman. They are the go to summer attire for most people. They come in all sort of styles to suit your needs on a hot summer day.

3. Khakis

Solid color khakis are often worn for job interviews or a wake. They have a more formal appearance than a blue jean, but are far more durable than a traditional formal pant. Many people will choose to wear khakis as their day to day pant.

popular stylish pants

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are most often wore by active people who love to be outdoors. The larger pockets of cargo pants allow a lot of extra room to carry many things. You will hardly ever see a hiker on the trails without them. Also they tend to be very comfortable relative to other high durability pants. And for those out there that want a more stylish cargo pant you can now find skinny cargo pants at many retailers.

5. Suit Pants

Suit pants are still in the top 5 on the list of top 10 styles of pants, but they have been becoming less popular in the past decade. Many companies that would have required employees to wear a suit and tie to work have been moving toward a more casual work environment. But for a wedding, funeral, or any formal occasion the suit pant is still the gold standard for most people.

6. Yoga Pants

In recent years yoga pants have become a stable of being an American woman. Many women wear yoga pants, even if they don’t plan on doing yoga. They have replaced sweat pants for woman as a simple and comfortable pant to wear around town.

7. Track Pants

Track pants have taken over for sweat pants as American men’s go-to work out pants. They are light weight and tend not to absorb water the way a sweat pant would. They also keep you much cooler than other pants available. If you like to keep cool, but despise shorts then take a look at track pants.

8. Leggings

Many people would say that leggings don’t belong on a list of the top 10 styles of pants. Worn by women sometimes with a skirt, but also many times without, are a more formal stretchy pants when compared with yoga pants. Most women would never consider wearing yoga pants for a night out on the town, but they will wear leggings. Leggings are almost as comfortable as yoga pants and allow for great mobility.

9. Snow Pants

The name says it all. If you are going to be out in the snow working for long stretches of time then you’ll need a pair of snow pants.

10. Harem Pants

These are the first choice for a casual dress pant for some women. You could even say they are the khaki for fashionable women. They are incredibly comfortable and give you plenty of free movement.

These top ten styles of pants are worn by majority of the population all over the world. They serve their purpose of giving comfortable clothing while doing mundane to adventurous tasks every day.