The Top Five Trendy Plus Size Clothes Every Fashionista Should Own

There was a time when trendy plus size clothes were hard to come by. But the recent years have seen some serious changes in the plus size clothing industry. Nowadays, full figured females have gained access to a whole range of options. Among all these choices for plus size trendy clothes available, there are 5 items of clothing every curvaceous lady must have in her closet.

Top 5 Must HaveTrendy Plus Size Clothes

  • The Classic LBD – The only thing better than one LBD is several LBDs in different styles.  This classic and timeless piece is both versatile and flattering for any body type. Styles range from faux wrap, A-line, one with studs or other embellishments to any other style imaginable. LBDs can be worn anywhere. Throw in some pearls and get ready to stand out in a classy dinner. Dress it up with a pair of pumps and wear it in the office. A classic LBD is a true must have and your go to dress for anything.

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  • A Versatile Maxi Dress – A maxi dress is clear winner when it comes to versatility. You can wear it on a regular day and it’s also one of the most trendy plus size maternity clothes you can own. Depending on the style and accessories you choose, you can wear it in any season and dress it up or grunge it down. For an upscale event like a wedding, you can wear a long sleeved wrap maxi dress in a solid color or abstract print. For the perfect summer look, a maxi dress, a pair of flip flops, and a beach tote are all you need. You can even channel a bohemian look with a maxi dress by accessorizing with layered necklaces, a pair of feather earrings, maybe a headband, and a pair of boots. There’s no limit to what you can do with a maxi dress.

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  • A Crisp White Shirt – A simple yet great looking white shirt is a wardrobe staple. It’s one of the first things that you must take with you in the event of a fire, along with your LBD. A crisp white shirt can be worn with any skirt, any pair of jeans, and even shorts. Nothing says “put together” or “elegant” better than a basic white button-up shirt.
  • The Perfect Pair of Jeans – A reliable pair of jeans is definitely a must-have. Find a couple of pairs that fit you perfectly. This will depend on what looks great with a certain body shape and of course how comfortable you feel in them. An apple shaped physique goes well with boot cuts with high waists or wide waistbands. The pear shaped body will look good in wide leg or boot cuts. An hourglass figure goes perfect with a straight cut or trouser jeans.  For a rectangle shaped figure, straight cuts, boot cuts, and trouser jeans will fit the bill.

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  • An All-Purpose Jacket – A kick ass jacket makes cute trendy plus size clothes look even better. It could be an adorable mustard yellow cardigan or a no nonsense tweed jacket or a super edgy leather jacket. Jackets can be worn with dresses or jeans or shorts and the best part is you don’t have to own too many.  You can wear them alternately, spicing it up with different accessories depending on the event you’ll attend.

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Bottom Line

These five must-haves can be mixed and matched with every other item and accessory in your closet. When it comes to trendy plus size clothes, there are loads of styles to choose from, but the most important thing is that your clothes make you feel beautiful and confident.