The Charm of a Plus Size Chevron Dress

Whether it’s a plus size dress or not, standing out with an interestingly printed piece won’t hurt at all.  That’s probably why the inverted V-shaped prints of the retro chic chevron dress have come back with a vengeance.  What’s great now is that it comes in varying sizes.  The plus size chevron dress is a popular piece among women and is perfect for an updated casual look. Its slightly edgy, artsy print will surely be a fun, eye-catching number.

A chevron dress can make you look charming, even if you belong to the plus size category. Especially if you have chosen one with the right patterns and colors, you can get away with any dress, regardless of the occasion you are trying to attend to. However, if you are unsure as how to dressing up is done with this outfit, you can be in a difficult predicament. But this should not scare you from rocking the chevron look; for this guide will help you on your journey to achieving a dazzling look.

elegant plus size chevron dress

Chic Chevron Pattern

The chevron print has always been a go-to pattern since the ancient times.  Vases, walls, and stone carvings were used to display the bold zigzagging Vs.  Fast forward to the 21st century. While art deco stuff still bears such awesome prints, these also have made the inevitable leap to women’s clothes.  Making a huge splash in the 70s, these beautiful patterns have captured the fashion world once again. The increasing popularity of chevron dress for plus size women is blatant evidence to its reemerging stylish fame.

chevron stripe pink tutu skirt skirt plus size

Dressing It Up

The plus size chevron dress is undeniably sexy and unique.  It‘s truly versatile when it comes to sizes since the repetitive inverted vs. give emphasis to those womanly curves while they simultaneously lengthen the body.   For more formal events, you can always opt for a chevron print maxi dress plus size.  This is perfect for weddings and office mixers.

Vintage Style

Vintage chic is also a huge trend at present.   If you’re into this type of fashion, chevron stripes will definitely fit the bill.  One can choose a neutral-colored short sleeved blouse or a sleeveless one and pair it with a chevron stripe skirt plus size.  Finish the look with dainty accessories and strappy sandals or pumps. Such an outfit positively embodies vintage chic elegance.

black and white chevron dress for plus size women

Define Your Style

Of course, one’s outfit is not enough to make you stand out.  You have to make it work.  This is where your unique personality comes in.  Define your style by experimenting with various accessories, interesting colors, and amazing footwear.  One great piece you can try is a mustard yellow cardigan worn on top of a neutral colored chevron dress with prints that match the color of the cardigan. Complete the look with cute accessories, a shoulder bag, and beige strappies and you’re good to go.

Amazing Finds

new women pastel chevron print maxi dress plus size

While hitting the stores is the best way to go (simply because you can try the dresses out before buying), you can also try online shops for a wider selection.  There are several chevron dress styling tips that are only a click away.  Several shops even have virtual stylists that help you pick out the best pieces to match your chosen chevron-printed piece.  Take advantage of this alternative way of shopping.  It will do you wonders.

The plus size chevron dress certainly offers a charming retro style that will undoubtedly make you stand out. Its flattering nature makes it unquestionably a woman’s best friend.  So what are you waiting for?  Try out one or two and get ready to be charmed by its vintage elegance.