Shawl Collar Cardigan: Fashion Guide

A shawl collar cardigan is made with a continuous curve which is turned over merging with the lapels, to form a curved line. This cardigan is unique in the sense that it seems to be caught between a sweater and a jacket when it is buttoned up. They are remarkably comfortable, feel soft to wear and keep you warm on a cold day all the time. It is light weight and easy to put on. It is a great alternative for people to stay fashionable inside a bar and put away those leather jackets and suits for a change. It has distinct characteristics to show the gentle side of men while reassuring the wearer’s masculinity from the confidence that radiates every time one is wearing them.

shawl collar cardigan for men

Features of Shawl Collar Cardigan

There are many women’s and men’s shawl collar cardigans of different sizes, styles, patterns brands and prizes. Men’s cardigan is attractive when they fit well with a solid color that matches well with the pants. Here are some of the features of shawl collar cardigans.

  • Some are designed with three quarter length sleeve which are convenient since you do not have to push the sleeves up when you want to wash your hands.
  • You can find one with front side pockets and use it to carry small items like keys or a mobile phone.

wool cashmere shawl collar cardigan

Varieties of Wool Cardigans

A wool shawl collar cardigan is one unique cardigan. It is highly durable due to its chunky knitting. You can barely notice the tattered threading when it gets old despite the washing it with a washing machine. When it comes to color varieties, these types of cardigans have everything that you can ask for. This is worth mentioning because more men are discovering the new opportunities that they can use these outfit for different occasions. You can stay safe in a grey cardigan or you can be more colorful with a mustard yellow cardigan. They don’t fade easily and the care and maintenance is relatively easy.

Cashmere shawl collar cardigans have an open and distinctive neckline. Any cotton cashmere shawl collar is soft and is the right cardigan to wear indoors and in the office during the winter season. You can also put on these cardigans on a warm day instead of putting on heavy cardigans because it is a little transparent.

trendy wool shawl collar cardigan

Wearing Tips

Because of its growing popularity, especially for men, it should be time that they take special notice and create a simple guide on how to wear them properly. Here, are some useful tips on how to wear shawl collar cardigans stylishly.

  • Be careful about the color of bra you put on with this cardigan lest it shows. Put on something that blends with your skin tone.
  • Put on your right size. Cardigans are available in all sizes may it be small to extra large. A well-fitted cardigan will show off your figure and look slimmer.

fashionable wool shawl collar cardigan

  • You can put on a shawl collar cardigan to the office instead of a blazer or sports coat.
  • You can pair your black shawl collar cardigans with a worsted wool pair of pants, cashmere top or a button down white shirt.
  • In addition to that, a denim shirt, corduroy pants and boots go well with this cardigan.

There are some shawl collar cardigans that are heavier than others, both made to suit a wearer through the high and low seasons. Depending on their sizes and design, you can put them on going to parties or ceremonies. For a comfortable and warm yet stylish feel, have a shawl collar cardigan readily available in your wardrobe.