Red Cardigan Sweaters

All About the Red Cardigan Sweater

Comftable red cardiganThe color red represents life, vitality and fire while exciting the senses. This is what the red Cardigan sweater would bring to your life. A red cardigan sweater in the wardrobe would go a long way since it helps to draw your eyes instantly to it. Purchasing one of them would definitely make you stand out among the crowd. A read cardigan paired with the appropriate outfit is able to attract anyone’s attention in a jiffy. This is why you should consider purchasing a red cardigan right now.

The color red represents joy and prosperity in the Eastern world. This is why red color is mostly used in Eastern wedding ceremonies. This is exactly what the red cardigan would offer you: Joy all the way long. It would definitely speak of warmth and tradition. The cardigan is worn by men and women alike. It comes woven or knitted with buttons attached to the front of it. There are some cardigans which has no buttons but are zippered instead. Open cardigans come with shawl collaring and lapels extending all the way down in the front. There are long sleeves as well as short sleeves cardigans on the market. You can even custom make a cardigans to fit your the best. The colors would range from light red to dark red to burgundy. If you are looking for something completely unique, there are funnel neck cardigans with flowing lines. Some of the famous brands of red cardigans include Calvin Klein, Gauge & Cable and Charter Club. Whatever your taste would be, there is a red cardigan designed especially for you.

A red cardigan looks great when it is matched with a darker bottom. It can also be worn with a tanned bottom, but it would always be great when paired with a darker bottom. A casual T-Shirt or a buttoned-down shirt could be worn under the cardigan. Buttoning up the cardigan since it will help to accentuate the lines of your body. The cardigan should fit properly on you. A too tight or too loose cardigan will not go well where fashion is concerned.

Warm Red Cardigan

Warm Cardigan by Maria Morri | CC

There are plus size as well as petite cardigans on the market. This means, no matter what your size is, there is always a cardigan for you out there. Petite sweaters come in many options. There are cardigans with a belted wrap. This would provide a fresh and sophisticated look on you. They are available in silk, knitted and woven quality. The long-sleeve V-neck cardigan would look great for evening or night wear. The plus size cardigans come in many styles. They have ample room and great design to enhance the looks of a lady. The open front and draping updates would provide a more feminine look on you. The three-quarter sleeve swing cardigan would really be fun on a plus size woman. Famous brands such as Ralph Lauren and Style&co. offer some of the best plus size cardigans for women.
There are a few common styles and variations when it come to red cardigan sweaters. Below are some of the most famous in this regard.

  • American Rag Top Cardigan – This type is easily identifiable by its looseness. The free loose design is what is quite outstanding in these cardigans. It is always worn wide open and is one of the best recognized designs when it comes to cardigan sweaters.

  • Ruffle Front Cardigan – This type has complex curvy designs on both sides. It possesses simple wavy lines or folds and curves most of the time. This is also a popular type of cardigan today.
  • Lucy Cardigan Sweater – This is a simple sweater compared to the other types of cardigans. It is similar to the American rag top but without the complex folds or designs. It is designed to better fit the body than the other types of cardigans. This type is mostly worn with all the buttons closed. This is one of the most popular red cardigan sweaters on the market currently.

This should help you to better understand about the red cardigan sweater and how to wear it.