Plus Size Sweater Dresses: Fun and Easy Fashion for all Shapes and Sizes

Some outfits look good only on a certain body figure. Plus size sweater dresses, on the other hand, complement all body shapes and sizes.  Sweater dresses for plus size women are a fashion staple for those who want to stay gorgeously snug and cosily chic.  Enjoying immense popularity among the ladies, there are hundreds of stores and online shops selling cheap plus size sweater dresses.

Sweater Dresses Plus Size Types

Plus size clothing is the bigger versions and it is truly exciting to know that sweater dresses are collecting more and more styles and types for women who have a few pounds to spare.

dorothy perkins plus size sweater dresses

  • Pullovers are the most common type of sweater dress. They are easy to wear and can be paired up with practically anything. Pullovers come in turtle necks, cowl necks, V necks, or boat necks.  They also come in both form-fitting and loose cuts as well as long and short sleeves. One can also select the best color and material that would fit personal preference making this type of dress very versatile and wearable anywhere at any time. Wear them with a pair of moto boots and stockings for a grunge look. To put a corporate spin in your pullover apparel, wear it with a neutral-colored long sleeve button up shirt with the collar and cuffs sticking out.  Finish the look off with a pair of classic pumps.

sexy sweater dresses plus size

  • Wrap sweater dresses, just like the name suggests, are worn by wrapping them around your midsection.  This emphasizes your waist and is perfect for showing off your curves. A wrap dress is perfect for semi-formal affairs like a brunch, a dinner date, or a wedding. Pair them with a great pair of heels and you’re good to go.
  • Cardigan sweater dresses are very versatile since they can be used as a stand-alone dress or a sweater paired with pants and an inner tank top. A cool pair of cowboy boots will perfect the casual look.  Wear a pair of pumps for a more upscale feel. It’s also wise to experiment with unexpected colors like a mustard yellow cardigan sweater dress.  This color is already a statement in itself.  To avoid going overboard, pair it up with black pumps and minimal accessories.

red sweater dresses for plus size women

Plus Size Sweater Dresses for all Body Shapes

Never assume that plus size clothing have the same cut. Believe it or not, they are also made based on the body shape of a person;

  • Pear Shape – For curvy ladies with a pear shaped silhouette, choose sweater dresses that are tighter above the waist with a flowy lower half.  Cowl necks are advisable because this leads the eyes to your upper torso. The flowing lower half gives a classy feminine vibe which is always a plus.
  • Apple Shape – Opt for loose sweater dresses with vertical lines or patters. This will help you look taller and slimmer. This also takes the attention off your midsection. Choose V necks, boat necks, or cowl necks to achieve an ultra chic look.

white cheap plus size sweater dresses

  • Hourglass Shape – Show off your natural curves by accentuating your waist. Wrap sweater dresses are perfect to emphasize your figure. Go for A-line or pencil dresses with a tailored waistline and cinch the waist with a stylish belt. Choose body hugging sweater dresses instead of loose ones.
  • Rectangle Shape – Plus size ladies with a flat figure can rock a mini sweater dress with a slim fit upper part and a flowy lower half. If it’s a little cold out, you can always pair it up with opaque tights.

Plus size sweater dresses are a great and fuss-free way to be fashionably chic and stylish without trying too hard. They’re easy to wear, comfortable, and versatile. And the best part is that they know that no body shape or size making them absolutely perfect for just about anyone.