Plus Size Formal Wear Basics

Formal wear is usually what you wear at weddings, really ritzy dinners, posh garden parties, and other extra deluxe events. It’s easy to assume that throwing a gown on is the way to go but there are lots of considerations in choosing a formal dress, especially when it comes to plus size formal wear. There are lots of styles and choices when it comes to plus size womens formal wear. You could choose from floor length dresses to high-low dresses. Details like beading, embroidery, ruching, sequins, among others, are also available, as well as different straps and sleeves types. Some make you look more slender, others accentuate your body’s best features, while some may overemphasize the negative.

Silhouettes of Formal Wear for Plus Size Women

Formal wear can offer several options for a woman to look elegant and sophisticated. These are the m popular considerations;

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  • A-line

A-line dresses are flattering for any body type, shape, or height. These dresses are narrow on the shoulders and flares a little as it goes down.

  • Mermaid

Also known as ruffle bottom dresses, mermaid dresses are tight fitting from the upper torso through the hips and up to the mid-calf or lower calf where it starts to flare out. This accents your natural curves and actually adds more, making you look extra voluptuous.

  • Sheath

Sheath dresses are making huge waves in the fashion industry because of how sexy they make the wearer look. These super flatting dresses are body-hugging and elongated which makes the wearer look slimmer and taller.

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How to Choose the Best Plus Size Formal Wear

Choosing a formal wear for the plus sized people is easy. Take your friends with you and have fun scouring the malls and fashion shops and eventually, you’ll hit a gold mine that can instantly transform you to the woman that you wanted to be.

  • Choose the right color.

Dark colors usually make you look slimmer. Basic black, navy blue, rich burgundy, and deep brown are great to create the illusion of being a little leaner. They match any skin tone, too. If you’re fond of fun colors, you can always choose flamboyant ones on your handbag, shoes, and other accessories. For example, choose a black dress and pair it with a mustard yellow cardigan.

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  • Pick the perfect shape.

The best plus size formal wear women can wear should create vertical lines to make you look taller and slimmer. A sheath dress is a must have for those who have prominent waists and hips. For busty or broad-shouldered women, flared skirts or A-line dresses are fantastic.

  • Opt for natural fabrics.

When selecting, it’s best to go with natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk. These are better for formal wear as they look more refined and are also said to be more slimming. In addition, natural fabrics are also more breathable and flowy.

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  • Always emphasize your assets.

Draw attention to your best features by choosing contrast and accents strategically. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, try a wide belt in a contrasting color to accentuate your waists. If you have nice legs, wear something that has a slit to draw observers’ attention to them.

  • Choose between solid colors or patterned prints.

People say that solid colors are more slimming; however, some fashionistas argue that this is more of a matter of smart choice rather than a fact. Depending on the pattern or print you choose and where it falls on the outfit, it could still be flattering.

On your special occasion, whatever silhouette or color or length you choose, the most important thing is it makes you feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous. After all, that’s what plus size formal wear is all about – glamour.