Plus Size Cocktail Dresses: Your Go-To Dress for any Occasion

With the fashion world now aggressively catering to the curvaceous woman, women can enjoy the glamorous cuts, colors, and designs of plus size cocktail dresses. If you want to stand out and feel good the next time you have a night out, going cocktail is the best decision you can ever make.  However, the biggest challenge for any woman of any size is finding the perfect fit that will accentuate one’s assets and keep those unflattering bumps in check.  Here are some great ideas if you opt for those beautiful plus size cocktails.

Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

The first step in choosing the perfect dress is determining what feature you want to highlight. If it’s your legs, then go for dresses that fall right above your knees. To show off your sexy neckline, it’s great to give V neck dresses replete with an ample plunge a shot. It’s also the same thing when it’s the other way around.  You can go for plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves if you’re not comfortable flaunting your arms.

formal plus size cocktail dresses

For a slimming effect you can go for horizontal prints, a longer length, and that which offers a good upper fit and loosely flows starting right above the waist much like an empress-cut.  Again, keep in mind what you want to accentuate and what you want to keep in check.  Those two key things will be a great starting point when choosing a dress.

Your cocktail dress must match the event that you will attend.  To be on the safe side, you can pick a classic piece in a neutral color as they work well for practically any occasion.  Just spice it up with accessories and rocking footwear.   What’s great about neutral-colored dresses is that you can pair it with virtually anything.  For a more casual look on a crisp day out, you can just throw on a mustard yellow cardigan over your dress and you’re good to go.

sexy and hot plus size cocktail dresses

Fashion faux pax alert.  Ladies, make sure that you have undergarments that will fit the bill. No matter how perfect the cocktail dress is, if there is an exposed bra strap or scrunched up underwear showing through the dress, it would mean a minor to major wardrobe malfunction.

Sexy plus size cocktail dresses are not easy to find if you don’t know how to dress for your figure. A-line cocktail dresses that land above the knee are bestsellers as they flatter any size or body shape. Empire waist dresses draw the eyes on the slimmest part of the body.  Halter dresses, on the other hand, highlight the shoulders and face. Cocktail dresses plus size can be made of any fabric but it’s recommended to choose flowing fabric so that it’ll comfortably drape around your body much like chiffon.

cute cocktail dresses plus size

Accessorizing Tips

A cocktail dress is not complete without the much needed accessories to back it up or complete the look.

  • Choose only one statement piece. It could be an elegant pair of earrings or a classy necklace.  Just imagine and LBD with a massive turquoise necklace.  That is truly the epitome of classic perfection.
  • A bold clutch in a matching solid color works well with printed cocktail dresses.  Do the opposite if it’s vice versa.
  • Never underestimate the power of heels.  Complete your look with a great pair.

modest yet elegant plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves

Any dress whether it is plus size cocktail dresses or otherwise that fits your figure like a glove can be pretty hard to come by.  With the right fashion sense, persistence, and impeccable taste, any woman is bound to find that which will further complement one’s innate beauty and confidence.