Plus Size Coats: Fashion Trends, Best Brands And Shopping Tips

Buying plus size coats isn’t easy. You need to have comprehensive ideas about the brands, sizes and styles to pick the best products from the right place. There are numerous brands providing fashion wears, but only a few of them are concerned about plus size people.

Current Fashion Trends
Explore some of the popular plus sized coats referring to different designs, styles and patterns.

  • Boiled Wool Jacket – Wool coats are one of the favorite winter wears for women. These wool coats are comfortable, warm and slimming in nature. They look aristocratic and complement with almost anything on top. If you really wish to appear slimmer choose a dark color such as black and navy blue.

trendy plus size coats

  • Double and Single Breasted Swing Coats – Women with apple shaped bodies should go with the double-breasted coats. These show your shape in a harmonized way with your bottom. A long pair of boots with these coats will simply turn your presence inevitable. On the other hand, women with bigger chests should pick the single-breasted coats. They are specially recommended for short statured women as they can make people look taller.
  • Hooded Plus Size CoatsHooded coats make you look chic, smart and trendy. Some women consider these hooded wears good for young people. Pear shaped bodies look great in these too. These coats are able to maintain proper balance in your body shape and make you look perfect. Recently, these coats have become the current trend and they are selling like hotcakes in leading fashion stores.

Best Brands to Look Out for
Almost all leading brands are manufacturing plus size dresses since numerous studies have proved ongoing demands of these clothing options. Hence, plus size coats are becoming easier to find. Here are the top 3 brands focusing on plus size fashion wears;

  • Calvin Klein – Calvin Klein has always been a popular fashion brand for both men and women. They have launched some amazing wool coats, fur coats, double breasted coats for women looking for trendy XL wears.

trendy boiled wool jacket

  • Michael Kors – Items made by Michael Kors are always the all-time favorites. They also house a huge collection of these coats. They manufacture leather, fur, wool, hood and other popular styles of winter coats.
  • Angel Ribbons – This brand is exclusively known for its wonderful winter wears. It has varying designs and styles of  plus sizes like leather coats, woolen coats of different shapes such as double breasted coats, single breasted coats, double collar coats and many more.

Useful Shopping Tips
In order to help you out in your selection of the best plus sized coats, here are some shopping tips.

  • You should consider the body structure and shape you have. You have to choose products that make you look smarter, thinner and elegant.

best trendy mustard yellow cardigan

  • Consider the fabrics of the coats you’re choosing. Find something easy to clean and maintain. You may compare products, quality of fabrics and prices online.
  • Check out online stores to have access to huge collections of clothing for plus size wardrobes. Think bold and creative to create your own iconic style.

Today, online stores have become the biggest resource to search anything. You don’t even have to get out of your home. You can just order your favorite plus size coats online and let them be delivered right at your front door. Keep all of these information in mind and be successful in selecting the right plus size coat for you.

They say that you should stay away from bright colors like the mustard yellow cardigan and stick with the darker colors like black. However, designers today understand these needs and they have special collection dedicated to people who have some extra pounds to give.