Outdoor Womens Coats

Boiled wool is a fabric that has been used to fashion womens coats since the Middle Ages.  The weaving process for the fabric involves the fabric being dyed and then boiled and shrunk without the use of chemicals.   This result in a uniform thickness and tight knit, which gives the boiled wool jacket the warmth and wind proofing that made them so popular.

Types and Popular Designs

Typically found in textiles with the Tyrolean designs of Austria and in South American womens coats designs, there are many different types to choose from. The boiled wool jackets come in either casual or dressy styles.

fashionable womens coats

  • Casual  – These are typically cut short to the waist or upper hip, and range from 21 inches to 25 inches long.  Lined or unlined, they are naturally resistant to stains, wind and water.  Some have attached hoods, and jackets can have closures that use large buttons or zippers.  They may have attached hoods and most buttons up to the neck. Female skiers are especially fond of having women’s coats in boiled wool for their après’ skiwear.  These jackets are usually made with collars to the neck that can be opened or snapped shut for extra warmth.  They are also made a bit longer, up to 30 inches, than the other jackets, and have zippered closures. One casual style that is quite popular for at-home wear is the “smoking jacket” style.  With a ribbed collar, patch pockets and a belt, they are a below-the-hip length.

trendy slim fit boiled wool jacket

  • Dressy – These are usually fashioned with an opening at the neck, for instance with a ruffled collar or a stand up collar that looks chic with a large scarf draped around the shoulders and neck. Pleating at the waist with one large ornate button is a flattering look for dress up. Grosgrain ribbon edged at the collar, placket and hem, with grosgrain-covered buttons make for another type of jacket that is dressier than the average boiled wool jacket. Jacquard is a jacket pattern that is dressier, elegant and stylish, with a mandarin collar and with braided trim.  Also, felted embroidery can give womens coats a feminine look, especially with fabric covered buttons.

Leading Brands

  • Geiger is one of the most well-known European designers of the boiled wool jacket and boiled wool womens coats.  Their Austrian and Icelandic designs are extremely popular.
  • Venario sells a large selection of both dressy and casual womens coats made of boiled wool from Australia in designer fashions.
  • Norm Thompson offers classic styles of the boiled wool jacket, with clean lines that are perfect for wearing over sweaters or skirts.

black boiled wool jacket

Shopping Tips

You should know where and when you will be using the coats.  If you want a jacket for a ski trip or other cold outdoor venues, you will want one that closes up the front or has a high neckline with a standup collar and perhaps a hood that is attached.  If you are going to wear it indoors as an accessory jacket, or in spring-like weather outdoors, choose one with a mandarin collar or no collar.  It could have covered buttons or embroidered designs and be a short length, which is a dressier look rather than a sporting look.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing outdoor outfits for winter is buying it for warmth and without bulk.  Boiled wool provides this perfectly, along with water resistance. Boiled wool is sleek, made to last and does not cause you to itch because the fabric does not scratch. When the chilly weather is gone, you can try out the mustard yellow cardigan for a new and colorful look.