Lace Cardigans: How To Make One

During cold seasons, being warm yet fashionable is what most women want.  You can put on your best outfit for cold seasons and match them with a lace cardigan to remain fashionable.  Lace cardigans are very simple and affordable compared to other types of cardigans. Their warmth and fashion value are the reasons why women love to wear them.

Different Styles of Lace Cardigan

A lace cardigan comes in a wide variety thus there are many options to choose from. They are very popular today that leads to the creation of its popular varieties.

white lace trim cardigan

  • You can find a crochet lace cardigan made using intricate patterns and designs. This is something unique that you might want to surprise with your friends. They blend well with short skirts, jeans and even casual dresses.
  • Also, you can choose a lace cropped cardigan. These cardigans have trimmed laces to form an appealing design. These types of cardigan can be worn with a pair of tight jeans or miniskirt for a perfect night out.
  • Lace trim cardigan is similar to a cropped cardigan but differs with the latter because it goes well with both casual and official wear.
  • For starters, go for a mustard yellow cardigan as it can match many outfits.

blue crochet lace cardigan

How to Make Lace Cardigans

Lace cardigans are unique fashion accessories. You can’t get away from it without being noticed, though it looks very simple. If you want to be creative, here are the very steps in making them;

  • Begin by measuring your shoulders width. Get someone to hold the measuring tape across your back from left to right shoulder so as to take down the measurements.
  • Fold two yard lace piece in halves.
  • Lay it on a large table with the folded edges facing you.
  • Measure 5 inches on top of lace and one inch and a half of your shoulder width from the folded edges. Mark this point.
  • Create about two armholes by cutting 6 inch circle on both lace layers. Begin cutting at the point you marked above. Unfold it and you will have a sleeveless lace cardigan.

red lace cropped cardigan

How to Add Sleeves

If sleeveless cardigans are not for you, here are the steps on how to add sleeves on them. The sleeves create a totally new look to the person wearing them, and it is without a doubt one of the sought after trends today.

  • Fold the remaining lace. Lay it on a table with folded edges facing you.
  • Take a long sleeved t-shirt and lay it on top of the lace. Line up one side of sleeve with folded edge of lace.
  • Cut lace on the side that has been folded following the long side of the t-shirt’s sleeves. Stop when you reach the armpit.

pretty lace cardigan

  • Make a mark on the place where the t-shirt sleeve ends.
  • Cut it diagonally beginning from bottom edge of your sleeve to the above mark you made.
  • Repeat the same steps on the second sleeve.
  • Pin folded sides of sleeves for sewing. Sew both sleeves using a sewing machine. Leave ends open for the arms to be inserted.
  • Turn the sewn sleeves right side out. Pin and sew them on the sleeveless

Once you are done, try it out and finish by hemming all raw edges to ensure that it is a perfect fit and presentable lookPurchase or create your own lace cardigan in order to be warm and stylish at the same time. You can wear them in casual occasions and inspire other people to create a new look for them. The outfit is a natural attention magnet so be prepared to have all the eyes glued at you once you step in. Show them your poise and confidence when wearing one.