How to Choose a Party Dress

Choosing the best dress to wear for a party can be a big challenge to most ladies. This is because there are different types of parties such as formal, cocktail and informal parties which require different dressing. The type of party you have been invited to can help on how to choose a party dress. For a formal cocktail party, choose a dress that does not reveal most of the body parts. For instance, a long maxi dress with well- made neckline will give you a respectable look. The wrong dress for a party can make you look out of place as compared to the rest of the people in the party.

The following can save you the stress on how to choose a party dress and yet remain elegant throughout the party.

tips and guides on how to choose a party dress

Body shape and skin color

While attending a party, you should choose a dress that will bring out your best features. This does not mean that you expose most of your body parts but rather make your presence felt in the party.

  • If you are brown with dark eyes and hair, you should choose dresses with bold rich colors such as purple and pink as they will make you look great.
  • For a lady with red or pink undertones on her skin, dressing in a peach party dress will be a good choice.
  • For slim people, choosing a jersey dress will be ideal as this tend to make you look bigger than you really are.

Quality of a fabric

The quality of the fabric used in making a dress can determine its life span and its looks on the person wearing it. Although it may be expensive, it is advisable to choose a high quality party dress as it will last for a long period of time.

Knit fabrics are best for informal parties as they make you look bigger and nicer. Remaining elegant should always be considered regardless of the type of party you are attending.

hot party dress ideas

Fashion and style

Fashion designs and trends can guide you on how to choose a party dress. You should choose a dress that you will be able wear in multiple cocktail parties yet remain trendy.

To bring out your feminine features, choose a hot pink dress which can be found in hundreds of styles and designs. This will always make you look gorgeous. Known to be an attention grabber, wearing it will make you noticeable and give you the attention you desire in the party.

Choice of accessories

The type of shoes to be worn can help on how to choose a party dress. Sandals look great when worn for casual parties, with a short dress reaching to your knees or slightly above the knees. On the other hand, wedges can be ideal for formal cocktail parties with a maxi dress which does not expose most of your body parts.