Flatter Your Figure, Use Plus Size T Shirts

Shirts are essential components of your wardrobe and they are best to wear when you want to have a casual look. To some, shirts may appear almost all the same except for variations in colors and sizes but this is not true. Even with plus size t shirts, there are several styles and designs that may look good for one body-type but not with another.

Looking Good in T Shirts

Shirts are versatile because you can easily wear them with jeans, shorts, and skirt. You can wear over them a cardigan or a jacket to enhance your looks. If you have just decided to buy and wear new t-shirts, chances are, you might be in the search for new ideas on dressing up. Luckily, your search is now over since this guide will get everything covered for the benefit of newbie buyers or wearers like you. Here are some tips on how to look your best in large shirts.

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  • You can look good in plus size t shirts women as long as you wear one that flatters the shape of your body. There are several body shapes that need plus size garments but the most common are the apple and pear shapes. If your body is shaped like a pear, choose shirts that have flaring bottom that reaches a few inches below the waistline of your jeans or skirt. The neck must be shaped like a V to make your neck appear long and slender. You can use a belt to show off the curve in your waistline.  Avoid wearing tops that have collars or adornment near the neckline. For women with bodies shaped like an apple, V-necked shirt is advisable. Choose one with slits on the side to give more room to your tummy. A clinging shirt will be too tight on that area and will call attention to it.

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  • Include plus size graphic t shirts in your collection. This kind of shirts is fast becoming the fashion. Printed with colorful and interesting designs and styled for curvaceous women, the t shirts look wonderful and interesting. Worn over a pair of jeans, you can use them to go outing, shopping, and attending casual meetings or gatherings.
  • Plus size long sleeve t shirts are also ideal for those who are planning to engage in outdoor activities this summer. Aside from making you look and feel cool and fresh at all times, the long sleeves will protect your arms from the direct rays of the sun as you go hiking, mountain climbing, or trekking. Cycling or motorbike riding will also expose you to the ultra violet rays of the sun. Avoid getting sunburns on your arms by wearing plus size t shirts that have long sleeves.

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  • For busy people who do not have enough time to change attires from one event to another, having the mustard yellow cardigan will be helpful. Worn over a t shirt, this sweater can transform your get up from rugged to casual. The color matches with many hues and you can wear it over a dress, a shirt, and a blouse. It looks good with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Aside from being warm and comfortable, the cardigan lends a formal look once placed over your semi-formal attire.

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Final Tips

Shop for plus size t shirts and catch the first arrivals of this fast becoming popular clothing and discover lots of designs and styles that will flatter your figure, regardless if it is for a party, a day out, or simple for everyday casual wear. Being an early bird is beneficial; since it can help you avail of affordable prices and great discounts.