Everything You Need to Know about Mens Cargo Pants

Mens cargo pants are often referred to as combat trousers to men since these pants or trousers were originally by the men in the military. Since these pants are designed for outdoor, tough activities, they are loosely cut, and the thing that sets them apart is the fact that they have a few cargo pockets.

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Description of Cargo Pants for Men

Pockets in cargo pants are a form of patch pockets, often having according folds that increase capacity, and are closed with a flap secured by a button, snap or Velcro. Variously, mens baggy cargo pants may have cargo pockets hidden somewhere within the legs. The fabric that these cargo pants are made of is hard wearing and ruggedly stitched. Moreover, they are made of cotton-synthetic blends or quick-drying synthetic cotton, and often oversized belt loops are featured on these pants so that wide webbing belts can be accommodated. One of the signature characteristics of these pants is that they are designed so that bending at the hip and knee becomes possible and felled seams have been sewn into them.

When buying cargo pants, men should consider four important factors.

  1. Hard-Wearing Fabric: Cargo pants made of heavy duty cotton twill or canvas will last much longer. These materials will not get easily pierced by sharp objects, and everyday rubbing and scuffing will be resisted by the fabric.
  2. Rugged Fabrication: The design of a cargo pant for men should have double seams throughout, with cotton or nylon thread used for seaming. Moreover, there should be reinforced panels and stress points should be reinforced with double-thick fabric.
  3. Pocket Strength: Pockets should be so strong that they do not fall apart when holding heavy or semi-sharp objects. For additional toughness, the pocket seams should be reinforced, and they should be double-fabric pockets for greater durability.
  4. Color: Although cargo pants for men may be available in a myriad of colors, generally, mens black cargo pants, blue, grey, khaki, and white color cargo pants look decent.

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History of Cargo Pants

Back in the 1938, members of the British Armed Forces were the first to wear mens camo cargo pants. It was during the Second World War, back in the middle of the 1940s, when cargo pants made an entrance into the United States. Initially, cargo pants were originally designed to have their characteristic large pockets so that more room would become available to paratroopers to hold additional ammunition and radios.

Variations of Mens Cargo Pants

  • Cargo shorts: Cargo pants that are shortened at the knee have become known as cargo shorts. Some cargo pants come with lower legs that can be removed, which allows the wear to convert them into shorts.
  • Skinny cargo pants: Although bagginess is a signature characteristic of cargo pants, these pants also come in a skinny variety, which not just for women but for men as well. These cargo pants are somewhat similar to skinny jeans and can be worn by men too.

Mens cargo pants are comfortable, fashionable and functional garments, so it is not surprising if cargo pants have all the rage and provide men the chance to look hip and smart.