Effective Ways To Wear Black Dresses

Black dresses sometimes make you think of funeral, people wearing it to show that they are mourning the loss of someone. However, black dress is very important in your closet. There are many ways to wear black dresses. It can be worn to many occasions and with any color of shoes; bag, purse and accessories, especially gold are silver. Here, you will learn several ways to wear black dresses.

how to wear a black dress


Black dresses are nice to be worn to the opera. They can also be worn to a business dinner.

Black evening dresses are very appealing and send a very strong signal when worn on a romantic date. These dresses are also commonly worn to cocktail parties.

Ways to Wear Black Dresses

When wearing a black dress, it will look better when you lessen wearing black shoes and bag unless you are going to a funeral or costume party. Instead, mix it with other colors like red, white and yellow. Here are some ways to wear black dresses effectively.

  • If your dress is sleeveless or is a tube dress, lessen the cold but stay in style by pairing it up with boleros. These are jackets with short sleeves and are available in many prints and designs. In addition, a tweed jacket will also look good with black dresses.
  • When going to weddings or solemn ceremonies, cover up your black dress with a shawl. Just like the boleros and jackets, it will also help in lessening the chills. You can just get it off when it gets warm.

black dress for special occasions

  • To enhance your waistline and add color to your black dress, put on a colorful belt. This will break the monotonous black color.
  • Short evening dress is nice to wear to a party especially if paired with pumps or any fabulous looking heels since these shoes are sexy and brings out the classiness of its wearer. Also, you will look better when your hair is with ponytail or your bun up your hair.
  • If you don’t want to put ponytails on your hair, use headbands instead. You can choose from double headband or those with bows on it.
  • Since black dresses are simple, add some embellishment on it like the sparkling brooch or glittery necklaces. Long necklaces make your dress flashy and classy.
  • Bangles will also help in making a great outfit. You have the option to put on one or five bangles at the same time.
  • When you attend graduations, wear a black dress with florals on it. Grab a flower and pin it to your dress just like a brooch.
  • For bags, a clutch will be the best option. It is handy but can contain your personal belongings.

Own one or two black dresses and you can just match it with the many accessories you have. Follow these ways to wear black dresses and look your best in the events that you will be attending all the time.