Dressy Tops for Dressy Women

Dressy tops for women are not your usual tops. It has its unique design when it comes to length of the top and its fabrics are classier than the usual. You can find dressy tops made from fabrics such as satin, velvet, silk and all other material such as these. And most often, these tops come with embellishments such as sequins. Such tops also have savvier patterns such as cinched, pleating, sheer layer and a lot more. And most of all, these tops have a well defined cut and neck lines, thus these tops tend to be more expensive and are not your every day kind of office wear.

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Understanding Your Dressy Casual Look

While dressy tops tend to be too classy to wear for work, you can pull it off if you know just how to wear dressy casual. This look, however, can be confused with business casual and at times, to downright casual wear which defeats the meaning of being dressy. A dressy casual means you wear a classier blouse, dress, dressy slacks or skirt. Wearing a chic dressy blouse and skirt combo with high heel shoes fits the bill for being dressy as long as its fabric is finer than that of your usual business attire and that you have accessorized your get up. This is how dressy casual look.

The Best Time to Wear A Dressy Top?

These tops are great if you are going to a special event after work. These occasions may not be too formal and can be an evening date. Or if you are going to attend special events such as a wedding with dressy casual dress code, baby shower, evening parties and the lot after office and has no time to dress up.

Dressy top wearing tips

  • You can wear your tops with designer’s jeans. Be sure that if your top has a lot of embellishment, be sure you jeans don’t have that much or if possible, no embroidery at all. Cute dressy tops can never go wrong with a pair of chic jeans.
  • Team up your tops with skirts or dress pants. There is no strict rule for the length of the skirt. Try Foxcroft shirts as they go with the tops well.
  • Check the size of your body. If you are on the heavy side, there are plus size dressy tops you can wear.
  • Check out the shape of your body. The length of your skirt or the embellishment of your top depends on the type of body shape you have. If you have a pear body shape, embellishment on the hips is a great no. Instead, you can go to broad necklines or voluminous dressy fabric. Now, if you have apple shape, avoid plunging top necklines and choose tops with length that reaches the top of your hips.

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It is not hard to find dressy clothes these days. You can always browse online too for more wearing tips and some dressy combo inspiration. You can also check out designer stores near you. Just prepare to really spend an extra dollar or so for it. Dressy tops are fun to wear most especially if you want to look elegant but you need to choose it wisely so not to look like you went overboard. As long as you wear it at the right time, right way and right feeling, nothing can really go wrong.