Curvy and Chic in Plus Size Dresses

Not every woman is stick thin. Size zero women make up less than five percent of the American female population. For seemingly a time, the fashion world was obsessed with clothing made specifically for this very little (figuratively and literally) market. With an increasing demand for plus size dresses for curvy women, designers have finally appreciated the fact that the female form comes in larger sizes, too. This paved the way for important design changes to finally fill the plus size gap in the fashion world.

Five Types of Plus Size Dresses You Simply Must Own

Nowadays, almost any dress that you see in the malls and dress shops has a plus size version. With that being said, you are in for a treat as to what type of plus size dress will suit you perfectly. However, make sure that the plus size dresses provided below will always be present in your closets;

sexy cute plus size clothes

  • Plus Size Formal DressesThe bells are definitely ringing. It’s time to bring out those wedding-perfect dresses as the season of getting hitched looms.  One can choose formal dresses made from a variety of materials like mesh, lace, tulle, silk and the classic chiffon. These come in knee length, a little above the knee, or full gowns.  Popular styles include the wraparound, tiered, one shoulder, off shoulder, one piece and two piece. With such a wide assortment of designs and styles from simple dresses to the ultra-formal plus size wedding dresses to suit every occasion, budget, and personal preference, a fierce curvy woman should have no trouble finding the perfect formal dress that will accentuate her assets.
  • Plus Size Cocktail Dresses – Plus size prom dresses do not have to be a ball gown or a long gown. Cocktail dresses are all the rage when it comes to dances and other semi-formal events. Even bridesmaids prefer cocktail dresses over constricting overly-formal full gowns. The cocktail popularity is largely because of their fun, flirty, and chic feel. Plus size cocktail dresses are very much in vogue and can come in any fabric imaginable.  Bring out your fashion flair by choosing the design the fits you perfectly.

pretty plus size dresses

  • Plus Size Day to Night Dresses – Multitasking is currently the trend and curvaceous ladies have a great selection of workday corporate chic dresses that double as plus size club dresses at night. Striking body-hugging dresses with just a little hint of bling, be it sequins or studs, are perfect for attending meetings and other corporate affairs by day and then heading out to a lovely dinner and a fun night out after. LBDs are a classic choice for office functions. The best thing about is that you can swap accessories, spice up your make-up and voila!  You’re ready for a stylish night out with your friends.

pink plus size prom dresses

  • Plus Size Maxi Dresses – Maxi dresses look great on anyone.  They are super comfy to wear and the designs that they come in are literally to die for.   The best part is they’re also super versatile. You can wear them to the beach during summer or casually while shopping or running errands.  You can also wear them to the office or to a party.  They are great pieces to have while travelling or even relaxing at home.  The possibilities with a maxi dress are quite endless. Remember: your dress is already a statement.  To avoid going unfashionably over-the-top, keep your accessories at a minimum.   If you need to dress it up, a pair of pretty heels and beautiful accessories will do the job.

sexy and hot plus size club dresses

  • Plus Size Spring Dresses – Imagine flowery, feminine, and pretty dresses in Spring.  Spring dresses are all about being ladylike and showing off your curves in delicate lace, pastel colors, and flower patterns. Pair a white lacy dress with a mustard yellow cardigan and a pair of neutral kitten heels and be the prettiest flower in the garden.

With the fashion industry churning out amazing designs that fit practically any shape or size, virtually all women can now enjoy the opportunity to be fashion forward and stylish with plus size dresses.