Comfort and Style with a Grey Cardigan

The grey cardigan is one of the basic necessities in everyone’s closet. Cardigans are wardrobe staples no matter what part of the world you are in and there is a style that will satisfy everybody. However, although the cardigan is an essential garment, not everyone knows how to wear it.

For those who are not familiar with it, a cardigan is a type of sweater which has an opening in front that is attached with hooks, a zipper or buttons. The cardigan is believed to have originated in the British Isles and France during the 17th century, where fishermen usually put on hand knitted and heavy woolen sweaters for protection against the weather. Popularly known as the fishermen’s sweater, the cardigan soon became common on the Irish coast.

fashionable Grey cardigan

Today, the grey cardigan is worn by many women although it is not restricted to them. In fact when it comes to the grey cardigan men are just as fashionable. The reason is that the cardigan is not limited to a single look, since it can be used both for work and for play. Aside from a grey cardigan, the most common colors include the white cardigan, black cardigan and dark grey cardigan, because they go along well with almost any color.

Grey cardigan sweater for men

When deciding on a complementary outfit to the grey cardigan sweater, it would help if you would not treat grey as a color but rather as a neutral. If you can do this, you are already half successful. A neutral is a basic tone that will match well with virtually any color available. Neutrals such as white, gray, black and cream are utilized as backdrops to a color. Once you are able to understand this concept, wearing your grey cardigan would be a lot easier.

How to wear a grey cardigan

Here are some rules to follow in wearing your grey cardigan:

dark grey cardigan for men

  • Do not overthink it. Just open your closet and pick a number of your favorite shirts. You may choose a turtleneck or a button down shirt. Try each one on to find out how they look with your sweater.
  • Consider what will go well with gray if you like to dress up. So what colors would be best for a grey cardigan? You may consider black trousers and a white shirt. Other colors that will look just as good include baby blue, teal, yellow and red. Basically, any color that will form a nice contrast with grey would be good. Consider accessories such as a bow tie. Such a small accessory can transform your looks in a beat. If it looks too boring for your taste, try a plaid shirt with some blue or yellow on it. A bold plaid can look fantastic with a grey cardigan, depending on the prints.

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  • Think of subtle colors when dressing down your gray cardigan. A small plaid shirt would be worth a try, paired with a pair of blue medium washed jeans. Leave your grey cardigan unbuttoned to display a casual rustic belt. To tie the entire outfit together with your grey cardigan, wear a scarf with matching colors.