Pros And Cons of Designer Dresses

Every woman with a sense of style and a backup plan has one or two black evening dresses safely stowed in her closet, which is bound to see light when a fashion emergency is to arise. Why the investment? It is because a fashion-oriented woman would say that black is a safe color and with the right cut and fit of the dress, the right jewelry pieces will make the outfit look tied-in together. Here is an overview of the top designer dresses and a discussion on pros and cons of designer labels.

top brands of red carpet designer dresses

Overview on This Season’s Top Designer Dresses

Here is an overview of the best and smartest designer dresses which have caught many people’s eyes.

  • Collette Dinnigan’s black lace dress offers a conservative half sleeve and flirty skirt, all covered in lace. The waist features a simple black ribbon which can be tied at the back.
  • A Stella McCartney dress shows a corset-type, strapless top. The oversized satin bow is a beautiful contrast to the Walker embroidered lace dress, with ivory pencil cut skirt. It is a very feminine choice for an elegant evening.
  • Giorgio Armani’s silk satin floral cocktail dress is sleek, sophisticated and perfect for highlighting a silhouette. The hem is slightly bubbled, with an abstract design all over. It is the right strapless cut to emphasize a waist.
  • Vera Wang’s Label stretch satin banded dress is a constant when it comes to speedy dressing. Its fit and design is suitable for any invite that says cocktails on the fine print and it is a sexy one to wear. Pair it with your favorite statement heels and drop earrings; you are on your way to an enjoyable evening.

stylish and posh designer dresses

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Designer Dresses

There are advantages and disadvantages of securing designer dresses for your fashion satisfaction. Everyone wants to look impressive and designer clothes all provide a polished look from top to toe. In fact, it is one of the essentials when planning something to wear for an event you are looking forward to. However, is the price tag worth it? With price ranges settling at $300 at least, and shoppers most often than not think twice before purchase. Then again, it is the price of being unique and fabulous even for just a few hours.

There is another option, however, and that is to look for similar styles in non-designer brands. Get the same look without spending much and have a guilt-free indulgence. After all, you can stretch your budget and add a complete outfit, with reasonably priced shoes and accessories. To make the most out of your shopping, try to fit in more needs into your budget rather than just wants.

All it takes is a smart pair of pumps and sexy accessories to add some dazzle to an already flattering dress of your choice. But when you are out there rubbing elbows and holding a cocktail in your hand, would it really matter if you were wearing one of expensive designer dresses? Or will it relieve you to know that you have enough left for other more important things than wearing one of black evening dresses? You decide.