Different Types of Shirts

At work, at home, and at play women like to feel stylish and comfortable. For a woman on the go having a low maintenance professional wardrobe is also very important. In reality there are many different types of shirts that can fulfill these requirements. This article will provide a brief description of some of the different types of shirts as well as some suggested brands and retailers where the various types may be obtained.

assorted styles of shirts

Classic Style

Classic shirts and blouses can encompass a wide variety of styles. This style type can be retro, edgy, or elegant and is usually fairly comfortable to wear. These types of shirts are very versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings. Because this style is broad it can also be very useful for those who are starting their wardrobe and are unsure of their individual style. Be careful when buying this style because these types of shirts frequently have special washing instructions. Macy’s is one of the better known retailers that frequently stock this style. Others are listed below.

 Brands and Retailers

  • Alfred Dunner
  • Macy’s
  • BCBG Max Azria
  • Appleseed’s
  • Karen Scott
  • Lands’ End
  • Style&co.

Trendy Style

The trendy style is also very diverse and very popular. Trendy can be both the easiest and most difficult clothing style to master. This is because it is frequently a matter of personal opinion as well as current fashion trends. When choosing clothing in this area, it is wise to experiment and personally decide what is most comfortable. These types of shirts almost always have special care instruction and are usually not comfortable for casual wear. Elie Tahari is both a trendy and fun brand that can be used in multiple situations. Other suggestions are included below.

stylish shirt designs

 Brands and Retailers

  • French Connection
  • Nordstroms
  • Wyatt
  • BlueFly
  • Hayden
  • Venus


Professional clothing covers a broad range of office and semi-casual wear. In recent years there has been an expansion of what is acceptable in an office. The number of colors and prints that are now available has also increased. This makes a woman’s professional wardrobe capable of expressing her individual sense of style. Much professional wear is also now designed to be both comfortable as well as relatively maintenance free. An example is the foxcroft shirts. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns and are wrinkle free.

 Brands and Retailers

  • Eddie Bauer
  • JC Penny
  • Orvis
  • Catherines
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Target

While various brands and retailers were listed in this article there are hundreds of other different types of shirts that can be chosen from. Most retailers are now on-line so many styles can be viewed and explored before entering a store. It is important to remember to look for what appeals to your own sense of style and meets your wardrobe’s needs.

What To Wear On A First Date

Dating is a cultural norm that is used for two people to get to know each other. Most people go out on dates because they are trying to establish a relationship that they are hoping will ultimately lead to marriage. When two people go out together, they usually have to decide on the place where they are going and what type of clothing they are going to wear while they’re out having fun. What to wear on a first date can be a rather complicated decision for people since they’re trying to impress the other person they are with.

First date outfits

Dressing According to the Activity

People who go out on dates should dress in clothes that is appropriate for the type of date that they are expecting to have.

  • If a couple decides to go to dinner and a movie, then they should dress in casual clothing such as jeans and a decent shirt or blouse.
  • Couples that are going to an upscale restaurant should dress in formal or semi-formal wear depending on the type of fancy restaurant that they will be going to.
  • Daters that decide to go skating or play miniature golf could probably wear comfortable, casual clothing.

The itinerary of the date should dictate the type of clothing that a couple should wear when they go out together.

tips on what to wear on a first date

Impressing your Partner on a Date

Some people like to dress up and look as good as possible since this is an important part of dating. Physical attraction plays a big role with two people forming a relationship. This is especially true for women who like to look sexy and appealing.

  • Most women will go on a date wearing some really unique and desirable clothing such as a hot pink dress or a mini skirt. Again, women like to look their best and when they dress up in this manner they are making sure that the guy they are dating is really noticing her beautiful appearance.
  • Men can also make it easier on themselves by figuring out what to wear on a first date by dressing up in the latest fashions or wearing an outfit that really compliments his personality and style. Some guys look appealing to women in shirts and ties while other men can wear jeans and t-shirt to get a lady’s attention. Guys don’t have as many options as females when it comes to clothing but they do have plenty styles and clothing selections to choose from.

Both men and women should make sure that the clothing that they are wearing for a date is neat, clean and decent looking. With these tips, finding what to wear on a first date will be so easy. 

Stand Out With A Pink Cocktail Dress

Dresses come in a variety of styles and designs.It’s just a matter of choosing pieces that will perfectly match your preference. A pink cocktail dress has always been a popular option for women, especially since it can be worn on several occasions without having to look too formal and boring. If you are looking for something to wear on formal events, this type of dress is definitely worth a second glance. If you are wondering how to accentuate your look as you wear your cocktail dress, take a look at some of the tips below to help you out.

stylish pink cocktail dress

  • Choose a shade. Pink has several shades to choose from and it would entirely depend on how you want to wear yours. A light pink cocktail dress will look perfect on any skin tone, especially if you wish to exude a more feminine personality. This shade is also a good option for formal events such as weddings, business functions, homecomings and proms.
  • Find the right pair of shoes. Your pink cocktail dress should be paired with good-looking shoestoo. Stilettos and pumps are some of the most common choices, especially for girls who want to be taller and more confident.
  • Decide on a specific style. For this particular factor, you may want to consider your size and body frame first. For pear-shaped body frames, haltered dresses with flowing skirts will help balance your shoulders and hips. On the other hand, a pink strapless cocktail dress goes well with women who have equally proportioned busts and hips.
  • Accessorize. Accessories are always essential but make sure you don’t overdo it. You might want to consider wearing jewelry pieces that would come close to the design and color of your dress. So, if you are wearing a pale pink cocktail dress, you also need to somehow pick accessories that are of pastel colors too. If you plan to carry a hand bag or a purse, make sure you choose something that will not contradict your dress.
  • Be confident. When wearing your pink cocktail dress, make sure you are wearing the attitudeas well. Be confident and don’t forget to wear your best smile all the time.

tips on wearing light pink cocktail dress

A hot pink dress is definitely a must have in every girl’s closet. With the right shoes, accessories and make up, you are sure to catch everybody’s attention. Don’t be surprised if you get to be chosen as the homecoming queen or perhaps be the next bride soon. 

Never Go Wrong With Light Pink Dresses

Are you attending a close friend’s wedding or looking for something to wear on a special occasion? Whatever the purpose may be, you will never go wrong with light pink dresses.  With just a few tips and tricks, you will be feeling feminine and well-dressed in no time at all, making you the apple of the eye of everyone. This color is sweet yet sexy without having to be provocative.

stylish light pink dresses

Light Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

You have been chosen as one of the bridesmaids and you are just too excited to shop for something to wear. Why not consider choosing this shade? No matter where the venue or reception may be, you won’t even have to worry if your dress would be appropriate or not. Remember to choose a style that will complement your size, age and skin tone. Add some feminine and pastel touch to this special event and choose among a wide variety of light pink dresses available. Don’t forget to accentuate your attire with a few accessories that will match your overall look.

Light Pink Prom Dresses

Prom will always be an unforgettable chapter of anyone’s life and what you wear will definitely make the greatest impact. While it is great to appear sexy, charming and mature, isn’t it fun to show how you still have that girly side? Pastel shades are very popular when it comes to picking prom dresses and you should try considering that, too. Put on a good pair of stilettos and wear your light pink dress with confidence.

light pink dresses for special occasions

Reasons to Wear

Light pink dresses can be worn depending on your type of personality,and if you want to appear casual and sweet. This is definitely the perfect choice. A hot pink dress may just sound too common, so why not go for a lighter shade instead? Here are the reasons why.

  • Imagine just how good you would look on photos and videos with a light pink dress, especially if you and your friends enjoy capturing every precious moment you spend together.
  • There are just too many styles and designs that you can actually choose from. You won’t even have to worry about bumping into another girl who wears the same dress.
  • It is great for business meetings, family gatherings and other formal events.
  • Light pink dresses for women are not only for special occasions, you can actually wear them on a daily basis like when going on a night out with your friends.

With light pink dresses, there’s just no way to feel out of place or outdated. Stay stylish, trendy and feminine all at the same time with a light pink dress.

How to Choose a Party Dress

Choosing the best dress to wear for a party can be a big challenge to most ladies. This is because there are different types of parties such as formal, cocktail and informal parties which require different dressing. The type of party you have been invited to can help on how to choose a party dress. For a formal cocktail party, choose a dress that does not reveal most of the body parts. For instance, a long maxi dress with well- made neckline will give you a respectable look. The wrong dress for a party can make you look out of place as compared to the rest of the people in the party.

The following can save you the stress on how to choose a party dress and yet remain elegant throughout the party.

tips and guides on how to choose a party dress

Body shape and skin color

While attending a party, you should choose a dress that will bring out your best features. This does not mean that you expose most of your body parts but rather make your presence felt in the party.

  • If you are brown with dark eyes and hair, you should choose dresses with bold rich colors such as purple and pink as they will make you look great.
  • For a lady with red or pink undertones on her skin, dressing in a peach party dress will be a good choice.
  • For slim people, choosing a jersey dress will be ideal as this tend to make you look bigger than you really are.

Quality of a fabric

The quality of the fabric used in making a dress can determine its life span and its looks on the person wearing it. Although it may be expensive, it is advisable to choose a high quality party dress as it will last for a long period of time.

Knit fabrics are best for informal parties as they make you look bigger and nicer. Remaining elegant should always be considered regardless of the type of party you are attending.

hot party dress ideas

Fashion and style

Fashion designs and trends can guide you on how to choose a party dress. You should choose a dress that you will be able wear in multiple cocktail parties yet remain trendy.

To bring out your feminine features, choose a hot pink dress which can be found in hundreds of styles and designs. This will always make you look gorgeous. Known to be an attention grabber, wearing it will make you noticeable and give you the attention you desire in the party.

Choice of accessories

The type of shoes to be worn can help on how to choose a party dress. Sandals look great when worn for casual parties, with a short dress reaching to your knees or slightly above the knees. On the other hand, wedges can be ideal for formal cocktail parties with a maxi dress which does not expose most of your body parts.

A Guide On Hot Pink Dresses

Are you attending prom or any other party but are not sure about the type of dress you are going to wear? It’s always best to go back to the basics, choose a girly hot pink dress. Pink dresses are a must have for every woman to bring out the wearer’s feminine side. However,don’t confuse the term hot with obscenity or perhaps the exposure of certain body parts. Hot pink is actually a color variation of the color pink. It is considered the most solid, vibrant and striking hue or tone of the color pink.

choosing the right hot pink dress

Why choose a pink dress

The following are reasons why choosing a pink dress is significant.

  • A huge dress option is available. Pink is one of the standard colors when it comes to dresses. Thus, it won’t be a surprise to find hundreds of designs and styles for you to choose from. No matter what your body type is or what style of dress you are looking for, you will eventually land in a gorgeous choice.
  • The dress is an attention grabber. The color pink stands out even within a huge crowd. So if you want to catch everyone else’s attention during the party, wear hot pink party dress.
  • It brings out your sexy and feminine side. Of course the main purpose of this color is to bring out your chic side. If you’re a girl who is not used to wearing skirts and dresses, you can certainly surprise your family and friends by wearing a beautiful pink dress.

Different styles of hot pink dress

Here are some examples of the styles of dresses you can see on the market.

  • Junior dress – These are the most common types of pink dresses, with the shorter ones stretching from the breast down to the knee or above the knee level. The most basic designs can actually be used as a casual outfit.
  • Maxi dress– Maxi means maximum cut. A hot pink maxi dress usually extends down to the ankle of the wearer. Maxi dresses can also have different top designs. They also may or may not have sleeves or straps.
  • High-low dress – A high-low dress has a more stylish skirt part wherein the front features high cut and gradually elongates to a low cut dress at the back.
  • Sleeved dress – If you’re conservative but still want to look gorgeous, there are now pink dresses that feature sleeves which extend to the elbows.
  • Shirt dresses– These are simply t-shirts and skirts sewed or transformed into a single piece of dress.

hot pink cocktail dress ideas

Selection and wearing tips

The following are tips on how to choose and wear a hot pink dress.

  • Take note of the occasion. When choosing a dress, always consider the theme of the occasion or event you are going to attend. If it’s prom or a formal cocktail, choose an elegant and formal dress. If it is plain and simple partying, you can choose otherwise.
  • Sandals are more ideal. When it comes to the footwear, pink dresses, even the most elegant hot pink cocktail dress, work best with sandals. If you want to wear heeled shoes, stilettos or wedges, choose the open toe types.
  • Neutralize hot pink with other colors. Hot pink is a strong color and if it’s strong enough for you, you can always neutralize it with other colors through your accessories or extra clothing layers.

When choosing a dress that you could use for almost any type of occasion and that would make you look gorgeous, those colored in hot pink will certainly live to your expectations.

Effective Ways To Wear Black Dresses

Black dresses sometimes make you think of funeral, people wearing it to show that they are mourning the loss of someone. However, black dress is very important in your closet. There are many ways to wear black dresses. It can be worn to many occasions and with any color of shoes; bag, purse and accessories, especially gold are silver. Here, you will learn several ways to wear black dresses.

how to wear a black dress


Black dresses are nice to be worn to the opera. They can also be worn to a business dinner.

Black evening dresses are very appealing and send a very strong signal when worn on a romantic date. These dresses are also commonly worn to cocktail parties.

Ways to Wear Black Dresses

When wearing a black dress, it will look better when you lessen wearing black shoes and bag unless you are going to a funeral or costume party. Instead, mix it with other colors like red, white and yellow. Here are some ways to wear black dresses effectively.

  • If your dress is sleeveless or is a tube dress, lessen the cold but stay in style by pairing it up with boleros. These are jackets with short sleeves and are available in many prints and designs. In addition, a tweed jacket will also look good with black dresses.
  • When going to weddings or solemn ceremonies, cover up your black dress with a shawl. Just like the boleros and jackets, it will also help in lessening the chills. You can just get it off when it gets warm.

black dress for special occasions

  • To enhance your waistline and add color to your black dress, put on a colorful belt. This will break the monotonous black color.
  • Short evening dress is nice to wear to a party especially if paired with pumps or any fabulous looking heels since these shoes are sexy and brings out the classiness of its wearer. Also, you will look better when your hair is with ponytail or your bun up your hair.
  • If you don’t want to put ponytails on your hair, use headbands instead. You can choose from double headband or those with bows on it.
  • Since black dresses are simple, add some embellishment on it like the sparkling brooch or glittery necklaces. Long necklaces make your dress flashy and classy.
  • Bangles will also help in making a great outfit. You have the option to put on one or five bangles at the same time.
  • When you attend graduations, wear a black dress with florals on it. Grab a flower and pin it to your dress just like a brooch.
  • For bags, a clutch will be the best option. It is handy but can contain your personal belongings.

Own one or two black dresses and you can just match it with the many accessories you have. Follow these ways to wear black dresses and look your best in the events that you will be attending all the time.

Prom Hairstyles

Prom is usually the most important night for high school girls. It marks the end of high school and the beginning of college. It is very important since girls are expected to look their best during this night. Since prom is an important occasion, the prom hairstyles each girl wears needs to appropriately match the kind of dress they are wearing. The prom hairstyles that are worn vary from individual to individual as each person has preferences. Other factors that determine the hairstyle one wears apart from preference include:

  • theme of the prom
  • kind of dress one wears
  • shape of one’s face and head

popular prom hairstyles

A Selection of Prom Hairstyles

To determine the best hairstyle for you, it is advisable to consult with hair experts as they are sure to advise you accordingly on the various prom hairstyles that you can choose from. Some of the most popular prom hairstyles include:

  • Classic prom updo
  • The bob
  • The flip
  • Layered spike
  • Chignons
  • The shag short

trendy prom hairstyles

There are different updo hairstyles for prom that an individual could wear without looking like they tried too much while at the same time being in line with the theme of the prom. The following are some of the common updo hairstyles that people go for today.

  • Sedu hairstyles
  • Retro 80’s hairstyle
  • Rock hairstyles
  • Gothic hairstyles

It is common knowledge that it is cuteness rather than forced beauty that attracts boys to girls. For this reason, it is important that on prom night, a girl should look very beautiful. Appropriately worn short hairstyles for prom are as cute as they sound, therefore, highly recommended especially for girls with short hair.  Truth be told, side hairstyles for prom are not for everyone. As mentioned earlier, the shape of one’s face and head greatly determines the kind of hairstyle one wears. Individuals with round and oval faces are the most suited for having side hairstyles. Rectangular and triangular shaped faced girls, on the other hand, should absolutely not wear this kind of hairdo.

Out of all the gowns worn to prom, the black evening dresses are the most elegant and catchy. It is no secret that black evening gowns are show stoppers wherever they are worn to. A short black dress would simply catch the attention of all the boys in the room. For a short dress, both long and short hairstyles are appropriate, provided they are done nicely. Girls, remember that going for simple prom hairstyles is the best way to go as it is both appealing and stylish.