Red Cardigan Sweaters

All About the Red Cardigan Sweater

Comftable red cardiganThe color red represents life, vitality and fire while exciting the senses. This is what the red Cardigan sweater would bring to your life. A red cardigan sweater in the wardrobe would go a long way since it helps to draw your eyes instantly to it. Purchasing one of them would definitely make you stand out among the crowd. A read cardigan paired with the appropriate outfit is able to attract anyone’s attention in a jiffy. This is why you should consider purchasing a red cardigan right now.

The color red represents joy and prosperity in the Eastern world. This is why red color is mostly used in Eastern wedding ceremonies. This is exactly what the red cardigan would offer you: Joy all the way long. It would definitely speak of warmth and tradition. The cardigan is worn by men and women alike. It comes woven or knitted with buttons attached to the front of it. There are some cardigans which has no buttons but are zippered instead. Open cardigans come with shawl collaring and lapels extending all the way down in the front. There are long sleeves as well as short sleeves cardigans on the market. You can even custom make a cardigans to fit your the best. The colors would range from light red to dark red to burgundy. If you are looking for something completely unique, there are funnel neck cardigans with flowing lines. Some of the famous brands of red cardigans include Calvin Klein, Gauge & Cable and Charter Club. Whatever your taste would be, there is a red cardigan designed especially for you.

A red cardigan looks great when it is matched with a darker bottom. It can also be worn with a tanned bottom, but it would always be great when paired with a darker bottom. A casual T-Shirt or a buttoned-down shirt could be worn under the cardigan. Buttoning up the cardigan since it will help to accentuate the lines of your body. The cardigan should fit properly on you. A too tight or too loose cardigan will not go well where fashion is concerned.

Warm Red Cardigan

Warm Cardigan by Maria Morri | CC

There are plus size as well as petite cardigans on the market. This means, no matter what your size is, there is always a cardigan for you out there. Petite sweaters come in many options. There are cardigans with a belted wrap. This would provide a fresh and sophisticated look on you. They are available in silk, knitted and woven quality. The long-sleeve V-neck cardigan would look great for evening or night wear. The plus size cardigans come in many styles. They have ample room and great design to enhance the looks of a lady. The open front and draping updates would provide a more feminine look on you. The three-quarter sleeve swing cardigan would really be fun on a plus size woman. Famous brands such as Ralph Lauren and Style&co. offer some of the best plus size cardigans for women.
There are a few common styles and variations when it come to red cardigan sweaters. Below are some of the most famous in this regard.

  • American Rag Top Cardigan – This type is easily identifiable by its looseness. The free loose design is what is quite outstanding in these cardigans. It is always worn wide open and is one of the best recognized designs when it comes to cardigan sweaters.

  • Ruffle Front Cardigan – This type has complex curvy designs on both sides. It possesses simple wavy lines or folds and curves most of the time. This is also a popular type of cardigan today.
  • Lucy Cardigan Sweater – This is a simple sweater compared to the other types of cardigans. It is similar to the American rag top but without the complex folds or designs. It is designed to better fit the body than the other types of cardigans. This type is mostly worn with all the buttons closed. This is one of the most popular red cardigan sweaters on the market currently.

This should help you to better understand about the red cardigan sweater and how to wear it.

What To Pair With Cargo Pants

Are you looking for a new look this summer? Are you tired of wearing the same old trends? Fashion trends come and go. With men’s clothing and fashion, cargo pants are here to stay. To be in style with these pants, read further and learn what to pair with cargo pants.

clothing pair for cargo pants

Men’s Dress Code

Men’s clothing and fashion are very consistent. Their clothes are more expensive and they have a certain dress code when it comes to the varying seasons. During summer, the dress code will usually be a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. This dress code can often become repetitive and boring. What will you do to switch up your style? One way to do this is to wear cargo pants.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are also called cargo trousers or combat trousers. They were originally worn by the military but they are now worn by the public. These pants are fitted to be worn for outdoor activities and for people who had to endure the extreme elements. Who would have thought that they would have been made into a fashion statement?

  • Cargo pants are defined as loosely cut pants.
  • They were also originally made out of rugged or hard materials.
  • Cargo pants can be very casual and stylish. You just have to have a good outfit to wear with it.

The variations of the cargo pants are cargo shorts, which are shortened at the knee or can be made with low removable legs, and the skinny cargo pants.

stylish mix and match for cargo pants

What to Pair with Cargo Pants

The options are endless when you are looking for clothing items to pair with cargo pants.

  • T-shirt – A regular t-shirt is the perfect complement to cargo pants. This is a great idea for a person who is looking to have a casual and comfortable outfit.
  • Collared Shirts – Collared shirts are good for cargo pants because the wearer will look more professional while still giving the person wearing such clothes the option to be comfortable.
  • Blouse – For women, blouses are good options since they offer a dressy look and soften the look of cargo pants.
  • Muscle Shirts – Muscles shirts are great with cargo pants because the look good in the warm weather.

If you pay attention to this list, you will be good in deciding what to pair with cargo pants. Cargo pants are great pieces of clothing; you just have to know what clothes to wear with them.

Top 10 Styles of Pants

Pants are probably the most popular form of clothing in the world. They are worn by men and women for casual and formal occasions. But what are the top 10 styles of pants?

top 10 styles of pants for the season

1. Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are by far the most popular style of pants in the world. They are perfect for casual wear, work and even some formal occasions. If you are looking for a great all around pant then a standard blue jean is a great choice.

2. Short Pants

More commonly known as shorts, short pants are extremely popular with both men and woman. They are the go to summer attire for most people. They come in all sort of styles to suit your needs on a hot summer day.

3. Khakis

Solid color khakis are often worn for job interviews or a wake. They have a more formal appearance than a blue jean, but are far more durable than a traditional formal pant. Many people will choose to wear khakis as their day to day pant.

popular stylish pants

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are most often wore by active people who love to be outdoors. The larger pockets of cargo pants allow a lot of extra room to carry many things. You will hardly ever see a hiker on the trails without them. Also they tend to be very comfortable relative to other high durability pants. And for those out there that want a more stylish cargo pant you can now find skinny cargo pants at many retailers.

5. Suit Pants

Suit pants are still in the top 5 on the list of top 10 styles of pants, but they have been becoming less popular in the past decade. Many companies that would have required employees to wear a suit and tie to work have been moving toward a more casual work environment. But for a wedding, funeral, or any formal occasion the suit pant is still the gold standard for most people.

6. Yoga Pants

In recent years yoga pants have become a stable of being an American woman. Many women wear yoga pants, even if they don’t plan on doing yoga. They have replaced sweat pants for woman as a simple and comfortable pant to wear around town.

7. Track Pants

Track pants have taken over for sweat pants as American men’s go-to work out pants. They are light weight and tend not to absorb water the way a sweat pant would. They also keep you much cooler than other pants available. If you like to keep cool, but despise shorts then take a look at track pants.

8. Leggings

Many people would say that leggings don’t belong on a list of the top 10 styles of pants. Worn by women sometimes with a skirt, but also many times without, are a more formal stretchy pants when compared with yoga pants. Most women would never consider wearing yoga pants for a night out on the town, but they will wear leggings. Leggings are almost as comfortable as yoga pants and allow for great mobility.

9. Snow Pants

The name says it all. If you are going to be out in the snow working for long stretches of time then you’ll need a pair of snow pants.

10. Harem Pants

These are the first choice for a casual dress pant for some women. You could even say they are the khaki for fashionable women. They are incredibly comfortable and give you plenty of free movement.

These top ten styles of pants are worn by majority of the population all over the world. They serve their purpose of giving comfortable clothing while doing mundane to adventurous tasks every day.

Wearing Skinny Cargo Pants The Right Way

Are you shying away from the normal or conventional sizes of jeans and pants because you have a thin or skinny body? Then a couple of skinny cargo pants should be included in your closet. These pants could help in improving your look and similar to jeans, they are very simple and convenient to wear.

sexy skinny cargo pants for women

What are cargo pants and what are their common features

Cargo pants are multi-purpose pants that allow a person to carry more items because they feature several pockets. These pants are actually inspired by the military pants or uniforms used by paratroopers in the 1940s. Because of their beneficial function, they have been cited and used as worker’s pants. It also became popular with the young generation during the fashion bloom in the 70’s and 80’s. This popularity made several apparel companies like Levi’s to produce their own line of cargo pants.Among the common features of skinny cargo pants for women and men are the following:

  • They feature not less than six pockets. For all the cargo pants you could see on the market, their most noticeable feature is the pockets that won’t go below six in total. There are the two front pockets, another two at the back, plus extra two on the sides. For the skinny pants, these pockets are usually smaller and thinner in size.
  • These pants are made out of thicker or tougher fabric. Because of the tremendous demand for reliability, skinny cargo pants are made out of thicker and more durable fabric. Some are made out of thick cotton and others from a combination of cotton and polyester.
  • There are multiple ways to secure the pants. These pants can be worn and secured in multiple ways from buttons, zippers, elastic waistband, and up to the drawstrings or laces on the pants’ waist and on both leg ends.

different brans of skinny cargo pants

Wearing Tips

The following are tips on how to wear your cargo skinny pants properly.

  • Always remember that all cargo pants are only suitable for a casual getup. Although your skinny pants are very easy and comfortable to wear, you have to bear in mind that these pants are not for that office or corporate look.
  • Ensure to wear a feminine top. Cargo pants are actually created for men. And when they are worn by women, it will create that masculine look or aura. So, you have to ensure that the top or upper garments you are wearing shall be sexy and provide a more feminine look. Female accessories could also help when it comes to this purpose.
  • Choose pant colors that will fit most of your existing tops. You might be tempted to instantly buy the common green skinny cargo pants. But will the green color be perfect complement to the tops you are planning to wear with it? You should consider your existing wardrobe first to avoid over-spending.
  • Be keen on the sizes of the pockets. These pants add up volume or diameter to your skinny figure. But you should consider the pocket sizes and shapes to make your overall shape symmetrical.
  • Wear flats, sandals, wedges or heels. Skinny cargo pants could be paired and would look great with flats, sandals, wedgesor perhaps, heeled shoes.

If you have a thin or skinny figure, you can always look sexy and still feel comfortable with the skinny types of cargo pants.

Everything You Need to Know about Mens Cargo Pants

Mens cargo pants are often referred to as combat trousers to men since these pants or trousers were originally by the men in the military. Since these pants are designed for outdoor, tough activities, they are loosely cut, and the thing that sets them apart is the fact that they have a few cargo pockets.

wearing styles for mens cargo pants

Description of Cargo Pants for Men

Pockets in cargo pants are a form of patch pockets, often having according folds that increase capacity, and are closed with a flap secured by a button, snap or Velcro. Variously, mens baggy cargo pants may have cargo pockets hidden somewhere within the legs. The fabric that these cargo pants are made of is hard wearing and ruggedly stitched. Moreover, they are made of cotton-synthetic blends or quick-drying synthetic cotton, and often oversized belt loops are featured on these pants so that wide webbing belts can be accommodated. One of the signature characteristics of these pants is that they are designed so that bending at the hip and knee becomes possible and felled seams have been sewn into them.

When buying cargo pants, men should consider four important factors.

  1. Hard-Wearing Fabric: Cargo pants made of heavy duty cotton twill or canvas will last much longer. These materials will not get easily pierced by sharp objects, and everyday rubbing and scuffing will be resisted by the fabric.
  2. Rugged Fabrication: The design of a cargo pant for men should have double seams throughout, with cotton or nylon thread used for seaming. Moreover, there should be reinforced panels and stress points should be reinforced with double-thick fabric.
  3. Pocket Strength: Pockets should be so strong that they do not fall apart when holding heavy or semi-sharp objects. For additional toughness, the pocket seams should be reinforced, and they should be double-fabric pockets for greater durability.
  4. Color: Although cargo pants for men may be available in a myriad of colors, generally, mens black cargo pants, blue, grey, khaki, and white color cargo pants look decent.

cargo pants fashion

History of Cargo Pants

Back in the 1938, members of the British Armed Forces were the first to wear mens camo cargo pants. It was during the Second World War, back in the middle of the 1940s, when cargo pants made an entrance into the United States. Initially, cargo pants were originally designed to have their characteristic large pockets so that more room would become available to paratroopers to hold additional ammunition and radios.

Variations of Mens Cargo Pants

  • Cargo shorts: Cargo pants that are shortened at the knee have become known as cargo shorts. Some cargo pants come with lower legs that can be removed, which allows the wear to convert them into shorts.
  • Skinny cargo pants: Although bagginess is a signature characteristic of cargo pants, these pants also come in a skinny variety, which not just for women but for men as well. These cargo pants are somewhat similar to skinny jeans and can be worn by men too.

Mens cargo pants are comfortable, fashionable and functional garments, so it is not surprising if cargo pants have all the rage and provide men the chance to look hip and smart.

Useful Information about Khaki Cargo Pants

Most people believe that men who engage in rugged and tough outdoor activities are the only ones who are supposed to wear khaki cargo pants. However, this is not entirely true because fashion powerhouses have made both khaki cargo pants for men and women khaki cargo pants hot and ideal items for every occasion and season.

stylish khaki cargo pants

The Origin of Khaki Cargo Pants

It is important to look at the origin of cargo pants before revealing the reasons behind their high demand. These pants were introduced into the market in the 1990s and their popularity has been growing significantly since then. These pants stand out from the rest because they have an urban military style and large pockets that are attached to the thigh area and side of the leg or at the hip. They are also distinct because they are narrow at the ankle area, baggy or airy, wide at the hips as well as tough, long and durable.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Cargo Pants

Most men’s wardrobes commonly featured khaki cargo pants ever since their introduction because their design and fabric were ideal for men who spent most of their time outdoors doing hard manual work or did fieldwork. The “father” of these pants is the rescue sportswear. Nowadays, Union Bay cargo pants that are specially designed for women and Bugle Boy cargo pants that are specially designed for men provide a multitude of options for both women and men to choose from. Shockingly enough, cargo pants that are made by using khaki material that models display on runways in all parts of the world and black cargo khaki pants are available. This exposure particularly among the younger generation has led to a significant increase in consumer demand.

fashionable skinny cargo pants

Benefits of Khaki Cargo Pants

Some of the benefits that men and women can expect to get when they shop for cargo pants include:

  • Comfort, style and organization 

The distinct style and sense of adventure of these fashion items is the major attraction for both men and women. Comfort is a bigger attraction of all these pants that range from tall and big pants to denim pants. Manufacturers have redesigned and restructured these pants to make them ideal for every business and social situation and hence, they are no longer work uniform for fathers. All people find these pants irresistible because their unique design is practical and they are sophisticated and stylish.

  • Fabric that is worth their hard earned moneyCargo pants are made from fabric that is specially designed to make it easy for the wearers to move around without the risk of stretching it. The wearers can squat and bend as they wish without any restrictions. In addition, these pants are famous for drying quickly when they are wet because this fabric is water resistant.
  • Different styles that meet varying needsMen and women do not have to worry about dull style and cut because there is a continuous evolution of their choices for all seasons. They can choose skinny cargo pants or premium cotton variations if they want comfort and relaxation.

Ways On How To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes

At some point and time it has happened to you. You pull out your favorite shirt and it is as wrinkled a crepe paper. No amount of shaking will pop these wrinkles out. You have probably gone to great lengths to find the most effective way to engage this emergency issue. Here are 3 most effective ways on how to remove wrinkles from clothes.

effective tips on removing wrinkles from clothes

When dealing with wrinkled clothes, time is one of the elements that impact your options, so keep this in mind.

The Dryer

One of the most popular methods of removing wrinkles from clothing is to toss the garment into the dry. Simply tossing the item in the dryer will not get the best results. The dryer methods works best with slight moisture. You can accomplish this in a couple of ways. You can use a spray bottle to dampen the item itself or you can throw in a wet sock or towel to create the necessary moisture.

Once you have added the item and created the moisture, set the dryer on medium heat for roughly 15 minutes or so. When it comes to evaluating ways on how to remove wrinkles from clothes, this method always ranks at the top.

dealing with wrinkled clothes

Shower Rod Method

This shower rod method is another effective way to get wrinkles out of clothes. The smaller the bathroom, the more effective this method will be. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed. You don’t want any orifices through which air may escape. Examine the shower rod to insure that it doesn’t have anything on it that may mark or stain the garment. You can either hang the garment over the rod or from a plastic hanger.

Next, you will want to turn the shower head in a direction in which the clothing item will not get wet. Turn the shower on hot and leave the room, closing the door behind you. Check back in about 15 minutes.

Hair Dryer Method

If you have a hair dryer with a plastic focus tip, this method tends to work even better. Hang your garment on a plastic hanger form any fixture that will provide enough room to work with the garment. Hold the blow dryer at least an inch away from the garment, and don’t keep the dryer fixed on one area for too long. This method is most effective with items made from cotton.

One the many ways on how to remove wrinkles from clothes is to purchase Foxcroft shirts or you will need to master one of these methods on how to remove wrinkles from clothes to remain wrinkle free.

Stylish Foxcroft Shirts

The popularity of foxcroft shirts has grown overtime because of their wrinkle free feature which is a must have for many women. Many women find that they feel confident when wearing the various shirt designs of foxcroft which are generally casual but have a polished look as well.  The apparel collection of shirts offers a timeless style that can be worn by women of different sizes as well as styles. It is common to find may shirts from foxcroft that have prints and have different colors as well to enhance a woman’s outfit.

designer foxcroft shirts

Buying foxcroft shirts for women has been made easy because of the availability of many clothing stores both online and in-stores that have them in stock. The shirts are valuable for different body sizes making them quite popular among women that would want to have a wrinkle free shirt as part of their wardrobe. Apart from being available in various sizes, foxcroft shirts are quite trendy and can be worn as part of a variety of outfits with skirts, pants and even shorts. Most times, the final look is always a beautiful silhouette that is appropriate for different types of lifestyles.

Style Tips for Foxcroft Shirts

It is common to find foxcroft shirts on sale in many clothing stores, making it affordable to buy more than one shirt for your wardrobe. However, it is important to know how to wear the shirts well so that it brings out their versatility while bringing out your fashionable side. Some of the best ways to wear foxcroft shirts include:

  • When wearing foxcroft shirts plus size, it important to choose a shirt that fits well and a print that has slimming effect on the body. If possible, wear the shirt unbuttoned to give it a more relaxed look with a vest underneath so that it flatters your curves.
  • Bright colored shirts from foxcroft should be paired with dark or nude colors that will make them stand out. The shirts which are available in different colors can also be used to upgrade a look that might be a bit dull for a particular occasion.

shopping for foxcroft shirts for women

  • For a professional look, it is advisable to wear the shirt buttoned up and pair it up with a blazer that complements the colors of the outfit. The shirt can also be worn with a skirt or even pants and can be tucked in or left hanging depending on the woman’s preference.
  • Shirts with prints are the most ideal for a casual look and can be paired up with linen pants or even jeans depending on the activities of the day. The prints on the shirts make a woman stand out and help her look stylish as well.
  • The length of the shirts from foxcroft is also varied and should be worn with an appropriate pants or skirt. Longer shirts are best for a casual look while the shorter ones are the best for women looking for a professional look.

All in all, the shirts are worth buying for women that are looking for garments that are of high quality and durable.

Foxcroft Blouses: Perfect Fit For Active Women

Women these days have a lot more activities to tend to in just a day. It can be a hectic day from corporate workplace to an afternoon just walking in a beach or to hang out with friends. At times, it is imperative to wear something savvy enough to be worn at work and relaxing enough to be worn while doing fun activities. This is where Foxcroft blouses are well known of. This is kind of fashion that women on the go are comfortable to wear. Not to mention that Foxcroft fashion is chic yet very affordable. A perfect fit for active women today.

Assorted Foxcroft blouses and clothing

FoxcroftBrand – An Overview

Foxcroft is a lifestyle specific clothing collection. The brand is a clothing collection for women with stylish yet simple clothing for active lifestyles. The main idea is the clothes should be savvy enough to be worn at work and has a relaxing fit for weekends. And most importantly, these should be affordable too.

Foxcroft blouses and Foxcroft shirts has become among women’s top choices for their wardrobe collection. This is because Foxcroft clothing collection doesn’t only look great but are also easy to maintain – no fuss to iron it because it is wrinkle free. The collection consists of embroidered shirts, quarter sleeves shirts, camp shirts and a lot more that are chic, affordable and are comfortable to wear.

Why Women Love Foxcroft Blouses?

The blouses don’t go out in season. The blouses are designed with colors that can go with any season. The blouses can be paired with white, grey, navy or black colors, whichever you feel like pairing it with. It is multi-functional. The blouses became women’s top choice because its style can be worn at work or for business meeting. But it can also transition to be worn with denim for casual hang out with friend after work. The best thing about the Foxcroft no iron blouses is that it can be un-tucked and won’t look like it because they are wrinkle free. You can still wear the blouse after work and nobody will notice you tuck the blouse at work.

Easy fit and very flexible. The blouses are true-sized and well made. You won’t see threads hanging or stitches slipped or buttons loose. And of course, if you are on the plus side, there are also Foxcroft blouses plus size to fit your figure perfectly.

quality Foxcroft shirts

Buying Tips

One important thing you need to consider is the size. While Foxcroft can fit any woman’s figure, you will still have to see to it you choose the right size for you so you won’t look sloppy. Don’t just go for the small, medium or large sizes too. You have to be specific with the neck size as well as the arm length.

No matter your size, you have to look trim in a dress shirt. Try not to go for billowy shirt that might make you look unkempt if you plan to wear the dress for work. Once you were able to get your perfect fit – right size and all – you can now experiment on the colors. There are lots of patterns and style you can choose from too.

Of course, you have to remember you don’t spend beyond your means. Fortunately you can afford Foxcroft clothing. Most importantly, you can look for Foxcroft blouses on sale both online or offline or search for coupon codes for discounts.

You really don’t need to spend a lot to look chic these days. With the Foxcroft blouses, shirts and other clothing collection, you can fill your wardrobe with lots of savvy clothes you can wear for work and casual hang out with friends and family.

Dressy Tops for Dressy Women

Dressy tops for women are not your usual tops. It has its unique design when it comes to length of the top and its fabrics are classier than the usual. You can find dressy tops made from fabrics such as satin, velvet, silk and all other material such as these. And most often, these tops come with embellishments such as sequins. Such tops also have savvier patterns such as cinched, pleating, sheer layer and a lot more. And most of all, these tops have a well defined cut and neck lines, thus these tops tend to be more expensive and are not your every day kind of office wear.

dressy tops ideas

Understanding Your Dressy Casual Look

While dressy tops tend to be too classy to wear for work, you can pull it off if you know just how to wear dressy casual. This look, however, can be confused with business casual and at times, to downright casual wear which defeats the meaning of being dressy. A dressy casual means you wear a classier blouse, dress, dressy slacks or skirt. Wearing a chic dressy blouse and skirt combo with high heel shoes fits the bill for being dressy as long as its fabric is finer than that of your usual business attire and that you have accessorized your get up. This is how dressy casual look.

The Best Time to Wear A Dressy Top?

These tops are great if you are going to a special event after work. These occasions may not be too formal and can be an evening date. Or if you are going to attend special events such as a wedding with dressy casual dress code, baby shower, evening parties and the lot after office and has no time to dress up.

Dressy top wearing tips

  • You can wear your tops with designer’s jeans. Be sure that if your top has a lot of embellishment, be sure you jeans don’t have that much or if possible, no embroidery at all. Cute dressy tops can never go wrong with a pair of chic jeans.
  • Team up your tops with skirts or dress pants. There is no strict rule for the length of the skirt. Try Foxcroft shirts as they go with the tops well.
  • Check the size of your body. If you are on the heavy side, there are plus size dressy tops you can wear.
  • Check out the shape of your body. The length of your skirt or the embellishment of your top depends on the type of body shape you have. If you have a pear body shape, embellishment on the hips is a great no. Instead, you can go to broad necklines or voluminous dressy fabric. Now, if you have apple shape, avoid plunging top necklines and choose tops with length that reaches the top of your hips.

trendy and cute dressy tops

It is not hard to find dressy clothes these days. You can always browse online too for more wearing tips and some dressy combo inspiration. You can also check out designer stores near you. Just prepare to really spend an extra dollar or so for it. Dressy tops are fun to wear most especially if you want to look elegant but you need to choose it wisely so not to look like you went overboard. As long as you wear it at the right time, right way and right feeling, nothing can really go wrong.