A Guide On Hot Pink Dresses

Are you attending prom or any other party but are not sure about the type of dress you are going to wear? It’s always best to go back to the basics, choose a girly hot pink dress. Pink dresses are a must have for every woman to bring out the wearer’s feminine side. However,don’t confuse the term hot with obscenity or perhaps the exposure of certain body parts. Hot pink is actually a color variation of the color pink. It is considered the most solid, vibrant and striking hue or tone of the color pink.

choosing the right hot pink dress

Why choose a pink dress

The following are reasons why choosing a pink dress is significant.

  • A huge dress option is available. Pink is one of the standard colors when it comes to dresses. Thus, it won’t be a surprise to find hundreds of designs and styles for you to choose from. No matter what your body type is or what style of dress you are looking for, you will eventually land in a gorgeous choice.
  • The dress is an attention grabber. The color pink stands out even within a huge crowd. So if you want to catch everyone else’s attention during the party, wear hot pink party dress.
  • It brings out your sexy and feminine side. Of course the main purpose of this color is to bring out your chic side. If you’re a girl who is not used to wearing skirts and dresses, you can certainly surprise your family and friends by wearing a beautiful pink dress.

Different styles of hot pink dress

Here are some examples of the styles of dresses you can see on the market.

  • Junior dress – These are the most common types of pink dresses, with the shorter ones stretching from the breast down to the knee or above the knee level. The most basic designs can actually be used as a casual outfit.
  • Maxi dress– Maxi means maximum cut. A hot pink maxi dress usually extends down to the ankle of the wearer. Maxi dresses can also have different top designs. They also may or may not have sleeves or straps.
  • High-low dress – A high-low dress has a more stylish skirt part wherein the front features high cut and gradually elongates to a low cut dress at the back.
  • Sleeved dress – If you’re conservative but still want to look gorgeous, there are now pink dresses that feature sleeves which extend to the elbows.
  • Shirt dresses– These are simply t-shirts and skirts sewed or transformed into a single piece of dress.

hot pink cocktail dress ideas

Selection and wearing tips

The following are tips on how to choose and wear a hot pink dress.

  • Take note of the occasion. When choosing a dress, always consider the theme of the occasion or event you are going to attend. If it’s prom or a formal cocktail, choose an elegant and formal dress. If it is plain and simple partying, you can choose otherwise.
  • Sandals are more ideal. When it comes to the footwear, pink dresses, even the most elegant hot pink cocktail dress, work best with sandals. If you want to wear heeled shoes, stilettos or wedges, choose the open toe types.
  • Neutralize hot pink with other colors. Hot pink is a strong color and if it’s strong enough for you, you can always neutralize it with other colors through your accessories or extra clothing layers.

When choosing a dress that you could use for almost any type of occasion and that would make you look gorgeous, those colored in hot pink will certainly live to your expectations.